Alarm Permitting

The City of Haltom City has changed the way it administers its residential and commercial alarm tracking and billing system. Under the city ordinance, the program allows permit holders up to three free false alarms per calendar year before charging a penalty. Property owners with alarms are advised and encouraged to ensure that their family members and / or employees are properly trained in how to operate alarm systems. Also, please ensure your alarm equipment is working properly and call your alarm company for repairs.

The intent of having the alarm program is to reduce the significant number of false alarms within the city limits while also making owners of alarms more accountable for the operation of their alarm systems. The Haltom City Police Department responded to more than 2,000 alarm calls in the calendar year 2022. More than 80% of the alarms were false.

These numerous non-critical calls for service prevent, hinder, or delay the amount of time that dispatchers and police officers can spend responding to mission-critical duties. It also reduces the amount of staff who can work proactively to prevent crime.

To obtain a residential or commercial alarm permit, please click the link below.