Sewer Leak Adjustment

Adjustments to sewer rates due to confirmed leaks must follow certain guidelines.


If you are a residential account and you have a leak during one of the months used for your averaging, please repair the leak immediately and contact us no later than June 30. We cannot consider any adjustments if the leak is not repaired or if the required information is received after June 30. If you had a repair company fix the leak, provide a copy of the plumber's bill showing the date the leak was repaired and the location of the broken pipe that was repaired. For example, if you had a leak under the slab in the living room, please state "slab leak" not "leak in the living room". If you repaired the leak yourself or had a friend or family member do the repairs, provide a brief letter stating a description of the leak location, the date the leak was repaired and a copy of the receipt for the parts purchased to repair the leak. Please include your account number and your telephone number in case we need to contact you for additional information. We will notify you if we are able to adjust your sewer rate. A Leak Information brochure is available free of charge at our office.


If you are a commercial account and have a leak, it must be reported no later than the last day of the first month following the bill affected by the leak. We must have a copy of the paid plumber's bill or invoice with a brief letter describing the location of the leak, when it was discovered and repaired. We will review the information and advise you if it is possible to adjust the sewer rate.

Swimming Pool

Because Haltom City uses the winter averaging method of calculating the sewer, we do not make water adjustments for filling swimming pools.