High Grass Ordinance Amended

High GrassAs of July 23, 2018, Haltom City's high grass ordinance was amended. The biggest change to the ordinance is limiting of the amount of high grass on your property. Previously, the ordinance allowed for the average grass height of the property to be in violation before a notice of violation was issued. With the new ordinance, any amount of high grass and weeds in excess of 10 inches would be in violation.

A prime example is when a property is mowed, but high grass is left around flower beds, utility poles, fire hydrants, etc. This includes vertical and horizontal grass, such as grass laying down or growing over the edge of the curb.

Properties consisting of more than two acres will only be required to maintain the first 50 feet of each property line until the center portion of growth reaches the state fire code maximum of 36 inches in height.

The amended ordinance is available for download and viewing below.

Why a High Grass Ordinance

  • Mosquito and tick populations thrive in high grass areas. The new dangers of mosquito-borne diseases that cause illness and even death are more common now. Likewise with ticks carrying lime disease. Controlling their population in a compact, urban setting requires ordinances such as this.
  • High grass depreciates property values, and general disregard for code standards can attract criminal elements to communities.