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Senior Center - News & Events

Haltom City Senior Center's news and events are listed here.

Senior Center Weekly Meal Delivery

Information: 817-336-0912

Starting October 9, 2020 the Senior Center is home delivering meals every Friday to those sixty (60) years of age or older and those married to someone 60 or older. There will be five (5) frozen meals and a box of fresh produce.

To sign up for meals to be delivered, please call Meals on Wheels at 817-336-0912.

Sixty & Better Meals Program to End


Sixty and Better ended their meal program on September 30, 2020, and Meals On Wheels of Tarrant County will immediately begin management of the meal program on October 1, 2020. With no end of social distancing or group-restriction orders in sight, Sixty and Better has made the difficult decision to discontinue the meal program. Activity centers closed their doors in March to protect high-risk participants with the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. Since this time, Sixty and Better has continued to serve our participants with biweekly home deliveries of frozen and shelf-stable meals. Since our founding in 1967, Sixty and Better has provided programming and services that empower you to live with purpose, independence, and dignity. We cherish the five decades of serving older adults through our congregate meal program, working alongside county, city, and community leaders and with volunteers to enable our participants to age in place and thrive. While the meal program comes to an end, we look forward to continue to stay connected with you.

We are thrilled to expand a new walking program in October, as well as expand our Companion Calls phone program to keep you connected with friends.

Will there be a gap in meal deliveries? No. Meals On Wheels will immediately begin management of the meal program on October 1, 2020. Weekly, Meals On Wheels will deliver five frozen meals and fresh produce, as available, from Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Will Sixty and Better continue other programming? Yes. Sixty and Better currently has a few wellness programs that anyone 60+ can enjoy at no cost. Currently, programs are offered virtually over the web or on the phone, rather than in-person, due to COVID-19. In addition, we will expand wellness programs and companion call in October. Once the pandemic allows for safe and gradual reopening, we will work to bring you more programs. See more about wellness programs on reverse.

To learn more or sign up, call 817-413-4949 x217 or email .


The Walk With Ease program combines self-paced walks with information about health-related topics. The program empowers you to improve your balance and strength, while allowing you to work on your own—and at your own pace—to increase your physical activity and well-being. Provided at no cost.

Companion Calls is a program that connects you with a friendly volunteer and a positive conversation via the telephone each week. You are empowered to set the length and frequency of calls. Now more than ever, hearing a friendly voice can make all the difference. Provided at no cost.


The Aging Mastery Program® is a fun and engaging course that covers 10 healthy aging topics. When you graduate from the program, you'll have set goals for positive actions in many aspects of your life, such as exercise, nutrition, finances, advance care planning, community engagement, and healthy relationships. Provided at no cost.

Chronic Disease Self Management and Diabetes Self Management are two separate programs for people with chronic health conditions. The program is designed to help you gain self-confidence in your ability to control symptoms, and learn how health conditions can affect your daily life. Classes teach skills useful for managing a variety of chronic diseases. Both are provided at no cost.


For more than five decades, Sixty and Better has provided a place for older adults to have fun, be well, and stay connected. Formerly Senior Citizen Services of Greater Tarrant County, Sixty and Better is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that offers a range of programs and services that enable the young at heart to live life to the fullest. Participants report significant increases in activity levels, healthy habits, and social connections with others. Last year alone, Sixty and Better served over 3,000 participants, with 86% reporting improved health in an annual survey. Founded in 1967 with a vision of ending senior isolation, the mission of Sixty and Better remains: Empower older adults to live with purpose, independence, and dignity. Learn more at Contact us at 817-413-4949 or .

Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS)

Information: 800-272-3921

2020 pearls logo

The Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) is a national evidence-based program for late-life depression. PEARLS brings high quality mental health care into community-based settings that reach vulnerable older adults.

During six to eight sessions that take place in the client’s home and focus on brief behavioral techniques, PEARLS counselors empower individuals to take action and make lasting changes so they can lead more active and rewarding lives.

The PEARLS Program:

  • Focuses on teaching each client the skills necessary to move to action and make lasting life changes
  • Is delivered in the client’s home or other accessible community setting
  • Is designed to be delivered in the community through social service or other trusted community-based organizations
  • Takes a team-based approach, involving the PEARLS counselor, clinical supervisor, and health provider
  • Aims to improve quality of life, as well as reduce depressive symptoms
  • Is well-suited for individuals with chronic illness, including people with epilepsy

Are you at least 60 years old and lonely or miss doing thing you used to enjoy? If so, you may qualify for a FREE program to help you get back in the swing of things. A PEARLS helper will work with you over the course of several months to come up with plans for doing things you enjoy

There are no income requirements and no fees.

For more information, call 1-800-272-3921 and ask for Doni.

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