Help Control Mosquito Population

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mosquito2Warmer weather means the return of mosquitoes, and controlling the mosquito population requires your help.

Mosquito larvae must live in still water for five or more days to complete their growth before changing into adult biting mosquitoes capable of transmitting disease. Often, the number of mosquitoes in an area can be reduced by removing sources of standing water around residences. For example, hundreds of mosquitoes can come from a single discarded tire and thousands can come from stagnate swimming pools. If you’ll do your part the City of Haltom City will do its part in doing everything to help control mosquitoes in the city limits.

Notify the City about standing water and dead birds by calling 817 834-9036 or emailing Tom Belloma, Environmental Services Manager. For additional information about mosquitoes and information concerning the West Nile Virus please read this information.

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