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January 22, 2019 P & Z Minutes

Tuesday, Jan 22 2019
7:00 p.m.
City Hall (Council Chambers) - 5024 Broadway Ave. | Haltom City, TX 76117
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Chair Adam called the meeting to order at 7:32PM.


PRESENT MEMBERS: Adam, Hilliard, Hudson, Teague





Glenna Batchelor, Director of Planning and Community Development Greg Van Nieuwenhuize, Director of Public Works

Erik Smith, Assistant Director/Planning Projects Manager


Commissioner Teague, seconded by Commissioner Hilliard, moved to approve absences of Commissioner Bethel, Commissioner Bowman, Commissioner Chapman, Commissioner Furrie and Commissioner Stallings. Motion passed unanimously.


Commissioner Teague, seconded by Commissioner Hilliard, moved to approve January 8, 2019 Planning and Zoning Commission minutes as corrected. Motion passed unanimously.


Regular Agenda Items P-018-18

Continuation of the application of Ernest Hedgcoth, on behalf of Operating Partners, LLC., for approval of a replat creating Lot 2R-1, Block 1, of the Theo Christensen Addition from Lot 2R, Block 1 Theo Christensen Addition & Lot 1 & 2, Block 1, Ollie Hale Addition & Lot 1, Block 1, Yance Christensen Addition located in in the “M-2” Heavy Industrial District and “C-3” Commercial District containing approximately 2.572 acres of land, locally known as 2225 Ola Lane, 2301 Ola Lane and 2305 Ola Lane.

Staff advised that request was withdrawn by applicant via email on January 21, 2019.


Application of Steven Westfall for approval of a Conditional Use Permit for automobile and light truck repair shop and vehicle storage facility in the “M-2” Heavy Industrial District located on Lot 16 & 17, Block 4 of the Parkdale Gardens Addition, being approximately 0.6904 acres on the west side of Delante Avenue, locally known as 2333 Delante Avenue.

Staff presented and clarified the request. Ms. Batchelor clarified parking for the site. Ms. Batchelor said the south addition was done without a permit and the City typically doesn’t do anything if it’s built and established without us knowing about it.

Chair Adam asked the applicant to come to the podium.

Steven Westfall, 2333 Delante, 1401 Boardwalk, Arlington, Texas, said he was trying to move closer to the City. They are currently in Mansfield. He said he does a lot of business up this way. Their business works through automobile auctions. This is a private business. Nothing will be outside. We do not do work for the public. They buy cars from auction that have minor impairments and resell them wholesale to auto dealers. They generally deal with newer cars. The addition to the building is not his and will not be using that area.

Chair Adam asked if he would have access to it at all. He said he would not have access.

Commissioner Teague asked Mr. Westfall to explain a busy day.

Mr. Westfall said they typically hold 7–10 automobiles and up to 15 at a time. They will be inside. The cars stay for a couple days until they are repaired. He then sells them as fast as he can. That is how he is making money. None of this would be done outside.

Commissioner Teague asked if there would be any heavy equipment on site.

Mr. Westfall said the heaviest equipment would be the auto lift. Other then that we use hand held tools. There will be no cutting or painting on site.

Commissioner Teague asked how they would be storing their parts.

Mr. Westfall said they generally order their parts as needed and have the wrecked parts picked up when necessary. We store everything properly. We like a clean shop. The extra parts are gone in two to three days. There is ample storage in this location. Most of the stuff is in and out work. Mr. Westfall said they won’t even store anything in the storage area next to the building.

Chair Adam asked what they were going to do with their extra oil. Mr. Westfall said they

have a company that picks the oil up at least once a month. The container is stored inside the building.

Commissioner Hilliard asked if he could answer on the sales tax.

Mr. Westfall said there is no tax on the cars because they go through an auto auction and they are wholesale. He does buy a lot of parts in the area.

Chair Adam opened the Public Hearing (7:50PM)

James Pliska, representing Yancey Freeman and Roy Sullins. Mr. Pliska said the property owners are located to the east and west. Mr. Pliska said both property owners are concerned with property overflowing into the street.

Yancey Freeman said he has a problem with trucks loading into the street.

Mr. Westfall said they use smaller trucks with six wheels. The trucks will be able to back right into the bay and nothing will be in the street. Mr. Westfall said there will only be the three (3) employees.

Mr. Trae Fowler, 6217 Midway, said the letter he delivered is from Larry Dennis. Mr. Dennis asked if they would read the letter into record.

Larry Dennis Company 6121 Midway Road:

I oppose the zoning change at 2333 Delante Street due to lack of parking available for an auto repair shop and vehicle storage. Because of the lack of parking onsite for this project it would necessitate on the street parking and traffic blockage from tow trucks and auto transports.

Mr. Fowler, owns some neighboring properties, said there is a terrible problem with maneuvering and parking in this area. He has to maneuver on his property just like the other properties.

Mr. Fowler asked the Commission to take into consideration that when this property is looked at, they consider this comprehensively. There are numerous types of doors and no parking. There are two (2) tenants already in the building. They have been good tenants but the problem is in the morning and evening when the roads are solid cars. The neighboring property takes 18-wheelers every day. This makes maneuvering very difficult. We have to take into consideration the existing neighbors and maneuvering on private property. 18-wheelers are backing in using the roadways and that is not how the streets were designed. If you look at the property from a parking standpoint there is no parking because of all the doors. People on this property are pouring into the streets and this is becoming somewhat of a problem down there.

Mr. Ronnie Dement, 304 Trent Haven, Granbury, represents the company that owns the building. Mr. Dement said the addition was there when they purchased the building.

They have a plan and can put parking in the open space. Backing into some of the buildings is terrible and it is happening. We are trying to make this functional and we can open up the back area if necessary.

Mr. Fowler said he is happy for the business, but we need to be aware of the congestion. Mr. Fowler said he would request letters are sent out a little earlier.

Mr. Westfall said he understands the concerns. They have nine (9) parking spaces they painted. They will not park in the street. We do nothing in the street. I do understand their concerns.

Mr. Dement explained the parking lot layout.

Chair Adam closed the Public Hearing (8:00PM) Discussion by the Commission



Commissioner Teague, seconded by Commissioner Hudson, to approve the application of Steven Westfall for approval of a Conditional Use Permit for automobile and light truck repair shop and vehicle storage facility in the “M-2” Heavy Industrial District located on Lot 16 & 17, Block 4 of the Parkdale Gardens Addition, being approximately 0.6904 acres on the west side of Delante Avenue, locally known as 2333 Delante Avenue.

Motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit passed 4-0-0.


Application of David Duong for a Zoning Change request from “M-1” Industrial District to “PD-MF-2” Planned Development – Multifamily District located on a tract of land situated in the J.A. Murrell Addition being Lots 17A, 18A, 19A, 20, 21A, 22A, 23A and 24A, being approximately 1.2769 acres on the west side of Layton Avenue, locally known as 4225 Bernice Street.

Staff presented and clarified the request. Letters in favor: 0

Letters opposed: 15 Returned to Sender: 0

Chair Adam asked the applicant to come to the podium.

James Pliska, Consultant to the applicant, said the applicant owns the shopping center next door and is a jeweler. The applicant, at his own expense cleared the mobile homes for this site. This has been in the works to revitalize the area. This is to promote pedestrian friendly and walkability. We are doing this as a PD because this is a site

specific development. We are trying to unify this with things going on in downtown Fort Worth. We are downzoning this site from heavy industrial to residential. You have industrial type buildings occupying the area with parking issues. Mr. Duong is trying to tie this to his commercial development. This design is to throw the activity to Belknap not Bernice or Layton. The design is to push things to the Belknap area. The Comprehensive Plan promotes this type of development. We are promoting activity not crime. The CLUP promotes shared parking and says to push parking to the street.

Commissioner Teague said there is no agreement for the parking. Mr. Pliska said there can be.

Commissioner Teague said parking is a parking dilemma in this area. She experiences this herself.

Mr. Pliska said they are following what is defined by Haltom City. That is why we are offering overflow parking to the north.

Commissioner Teague said that is fine until the property gets sold.

Mr. Pliska said they can do a mutual access easement. We can put this on paper. You will see this at the platting stage. Mr. Pliska said they are trying to help revitalize the Belknap Corridor. The product will not be low income. There is nothing to say this property will never become Section 8. The City cannot regulate that. This is a mom and pop operation. This is to promote walking and bicycling.

Commissioner Teague asked if the applicant has built anything like this before.

Mr. Pliska said he has not but they have hired engineers and architects. This was designed by an architect that has worked with these types of urban constraints. This is a mixed use facility that ties into the retail.

Commissioner Teague asked Mr. Pliska about a mutual access easement.

Mr. Pliska said during the platting process the MAE is put together and is transferable and platted into the property. This will go to Planning & Zoning and City Council. The only thing that could remove that requirement is a future replat to remove that MAE.

Commissioner Hilliard asked about how many mature trees are you planning on maintaining, we need a number.

Mr. Pliska said that is to be determined. We think four to six. We are going to keep as many as possible.

Commissioner Teague asked about the parking and MAE being part of the planned development.

Mr. Smith said they could do the MAE by plat but would have to do a shared parking agreement with a separate document. The MAE would provide access to the shared parking and the agreement would specify the right to use the neighboring property for parking. Now would be the time to do that because its under the same owner.

Commissioner Teague asked how people getting home late would access the property. Mr. Pliska said the gate will be locked but there will be a pedestrian gate.

Mr. Pliska said there are programs with the police department if the property does have crime problems.

Chair Adam opened the Public Hearing (8:51PM)

Victor Trotter, 1726 Layton Avenue, the issue with this plan is people are going to park in the street because it’s the closest to the apartment and not in the neighboring parking lot. No one will do that. That defies logic. There is already a major parking problem in this area. There’s an automotive guy that is already cluttering up the area. This is not feasible. James is talking about pedestrian traffic. We don’t want pedestrian traffic. What are you going to walk to. We have equipment and trucks outside. We don’t want people in the front yard. The main issues are people won't use the neighbor's parking, in a few years these will go downhill. This will not help an aging community. If the street gets congested, we all have problems. My biggest issues are crime and parking. There is a significant parking problem in this area.

Troy Ray, 1703 Oak Knoll Drive, we’ve already got a problem on one side. I don’t want one on the other. The trees are approaching 140 years old. There are already residences that park along the street. I don’t like the idea of this. There are townhomes not far that don’t look so nice anymore. Traffic pedestrian style. If I had video’s I’d show you early morning pedestrian traffic showing people stealing stuff. They cross our yards. We don’t like the foot traffic in the area.

Jeff Rodden, 1514 Layton Avenue, my concern is with traffic and parking. We had parking problems before. We will need a four way stop at the intersection if we get this. People fly up and down this road. I want this to be a neighborhood. I bought a house to get away from apartment living.

Heidi Grave, 1703 Oak Knoll, he talked about overflow parking. If this is sold the overflow would be out. The parking spaces for the number of units doesn’t seem to be enough. The handicap parking spaces are shown, where is the handicap unit? Ms. Grave has an issue with units per acre.

Nora Story, 1726 Layton, is all for urban living but I don’t see this location being that type of place. I can’t see this being an urban center. The residents will get into a car and drive to the restaurant. People fly down this road. This seems overly congested. This is outside what MF-2 requires. 1.9 parking spaces per unit doesn’t pick up enough

parking. This is not an urban area.

Mr. Pliska said they will take the comments seriously. You have to remember there is no downtown. This is to be pedestrian friendly. Someday there may be crosswalks. This is zoned industrial. This is for mature adults and young professionals. You could bike to Fort Worth.

Chair Adam closed the Public Hearing (9:15 PM) Discussion by the Commission

Commissioner Teague said we need to consider if this is a pedestrian friendly area. Is

this the right location.

Commissioner Hilliard asked if they looked at this financially to reduce the number of units.

Mr. Pliska said 21 units is necessary.

Chair Adam said she was not sure if people knew what peoples understanding of the Belknap Corridor actually was. It was meant to clean up the area and have some culture. Our intent was to have this. Intent is not to have industrial.

Commissioner Teague asked someone could address the clubhouse. Ms. Batchelor said that is in the packet.

Commissioner Teague asked if it is required. Ms. Batchelor said it was in MF-2.

Mr. Pliska asked if they could get a continuance and get a shared parking agreement and Mutual Access Easement together.


Commissioner Teague, seconded by Commissioner Hilliard, to approve a continuation of David Duong for a Zoning Change request from “M-1” Industrial District to “PD-MF-2” Planned Development – Multifamily District located on a tract of land situated in the J.A. Murrell Addition being Lots 17A, 18A, 19A, 20, 21A, 22A, 23A and 24A, being approximately 1.2769 acres on the west side of Layton Avenue, locally known as 4225 Bernice Street.

Motion to approve the continuation passed 4-0-0.

Ordinance Amendment

Consideration and if determined appropriate make a recommendation on amendments to Subdivision Ordinance O-2006-011-15 relating to approval process.

Staff said this needed to be continued.


Next Planning & Zoning Commission meeting will be on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.


Chair Adam adjourned the meeting at 9:36PM. Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Batchelor, Director Planning & Community Development

Juanita Adam, Chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission