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5024 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117

January 2, 2018 Parks Board Minutes

Minutes from January 2, 2018

Call to order -

Dana Coffman - Chairman, called meeting to order at 6:05pm


Penny Clowers – Board Member Cheri Crum – Board Member Dana Coffman - Chairwoman Christi Pruitt – Staff

Troy Dunn – Board Member Don LeMaster – Board Member


Cody Gambill – Co-Chairman Harold Fowler – Board Member

Don Cooper – Board Member


Jeannine Nunn – Council Member


Action Items –

Approve minutes for the December 6, 2017 meetings

Mr LeMaster motioned to amend; Ms Clowers motioned to approve amended minutes; Mr Dunn second – approved by all

Discussion/Presentation Items –

Staff Report from Ms Pruitt:

  • Budget – Ms Pruitt passed out more detailed City Council Park/Rec Budget Ms Pruitt is asking for better detail

  • Master Plan for Park/Rec – Ms Pruitt said Management has asked to hold off pursuing this until after the May election

  • Skateboarding program afterschool

  • City Council looking into purchasing the NEO field at North Park – Still in discussion

  • Basketball starts in January – 22 teams signed up

  • Layla Caraway asking for correction to Veterans Memorial front signage –

Extra Monies is needed for this correction

Mr Dunn motioned; Mr LeMaster second; All approved

Park Assignments/Status -

  • Birdville Trail~(LeMaster) ~ 5713 Orval Ct ~ Signs were egged; Fence Down

  • Broadway~(Coffman)~ 4839 Broadway Ave ~ Sod Baseball Fields; improving Concession Stand

  • Buffalo Ridge~(Crum)~ 5720 Parkwood ~ Graffiti

  • Haltom Road~(Gambill)~ 3113 Haltom Rd ~ No report

  • Little Fossil~(Fowler)~ 4412 Hadley St ~ No report

  • North Park~(Coffman & Dunn)~5220 Denton Hwy ~ trees down

  • Parrish Road~(Cooper)~4408 Parrish Rd ~ No report

  • Pecan~(Clowers)~6200 Ellison Ave ~No issues

  • Revere~(Dunn)~4250 Revere St ~ Grill is gone

  • Sandy Oaks~(Cooper)~5000 Bernice St ~No report

  • Whites Branch~(Dunn)~ 5290 Western Ctr ~ No issues


    • Stampede Run – February 10 – Volunteers at 7am

    • Car Fest – March 24 at Haltom High – 10am to 2pm

    • Recommending/Ideas for Parks: Dog Park, All Access Park, Skateboard Park

Next Parks Board Meeting will be February 6, 2018


Mr Dunn motioned to adjourn, Ms Clowers 2nd Chairman Ms Coffman adjourned the meeting at 7:50