October 10, 2017 Parks Board Minutes

Parks & Recreation Board Minutes

October 10, 2017

Call to order -

Cody Gambill – Vice Chairman, called meeting to order at 6:03pm


Cody Gambill – Vice Chairman

Don Cooper – Board Member


Troy Dunn – Board Member

Penny Clowers – Board Member


Harold Fowler – Board Member

Don LeMaster – Board Member


Dana Coffman – Chair Christi Pruitt – Staff

Cheri Crum – Board Member


Action Items –

Approve minutes for the September 5, 2017 meetings

Ms Clowers motioned, Mr Fowler second – approved by all

Discussion/Presentation Items –

Staff Report from Ms Pruitt:


Individual Park Reports

Also plan to meet with MHS. A few board members are not fans of MHS and would prefer someone local (DFW area). It’s agreed that we need to focus on restoration of existing parks, permanent soccer fields

Next Parks Board Meeting will be November 7, 2017


Mr Fowler motioned to adjourn, Ms Clowers 2nd Chairman Coffman adjourned the meeting at 7:28pm