August 1, 2017 Parks Board Minutes

Minutes from August 1, 2017

Call to order -

Dana Coffman - Chairman, called meeting to order at 6:07pm


Cody Gambill – Co-Chairman Harold Fowler – Board Member

Penny Clowers – Board Member


Cheri Crum – Board Member

Don LeMaster – Board Member


Christi Pruitt – Staff

Ricky Brown – Council Member



Don Cooper – Board Member Troy Dunn – Board Member


Action Items –

Approve minutes for the May 2 and June 27, 2017 meetings Ms Clowers motioned, Ms Crum second – approved by all

Discussion/Presentation Items –

Staff Report from Ms Pruitt:

Park Assignments/Status -

Next Parks Board Meeting will be September 5, 2017


Mr Flower motioned to adjourn, Mr LeMaster 2nd Chairman Coffman adjourned the meeting at 7:35