Greetings From The Mayor

haltom city council mayor david averittAs our community ushers in 2017, we are celebrating many things. Among these, are Haltom City's uniqueness, diversity and location within the Metroplex. The need and desire to create a commercial and retail development plan-spearheaded by the City Council-has produced a strategic approach to future development within our community. Your elected officials are anxious to execute this strategic plan that will involve a multi-faceted approach to development and redevelopment within our community. This plan will involve all departments as well as the Haltom City Economic Development Corporation-in an advisory capacity-to rid the city of conditions that discourage new investment and restore unique and sustainable commercial and retail areas that reflect our community's pride and diversity. Your elected officials agree that development and redevelopment of commercial and retail areas represents the single greatest financial opportunity to improve services and create lasting economic value for the citizens of Haltom City.

Our citizens and business owners play a crucial role in our community's future development. In November of this year-we will ask our citizens to partner with us in this endeavor by voting on a bond issue for much-needed improvements to our city's infrastructure. We are also looking forward to seeing the results of the Citizen Survey that was conducted by UTA. We will use this survey to establish a benchmark of performance-to identify the areas where we excel, as well as those where we need to improve.

We made a great deal of progress towards our Strategic Goals in 2016-but executing this plan will require continued patience and diligence. I look forward to serving you as your Mayor in 2017. May God bless you, your families, and our wonderful community.



Mayor David Averitt

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