Haltom City Public Works Mission/Vision/Value Statements

It is the mission of the Department of Public Works to provide a secure and reliable infrastructure for all members of the community while continuing to find innovative ways to improve the delivery of services.

Public Works Administration Mission Statement

to provide executive and administrative support and oversight to the Water and Sewer Construction, Water and Sewer Maintenance, Collection and Distribution, Street and Drainage and Engineering Divisions. To ensure that all public improvements are designed and built in accordance with City standards and accepted engineering and construction practices.

Engineering Division Mission Statement

To provide professional engineering services for planning, design, construction and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure. The department administers all the capital improvement projects for paving, drainage and utilities including all design, right-of-way, contracting, inspections and final acceptance of projects.

Street and Drainage Mission Statement

To perform maintenance of streets, drainage and traffic control systems in a manner that will provide safe and efficient movement of traffic and flow of storm water through the enclosed drainage collection system.

Construction Division Mission Statement

To provide cost effective replacement of streets, water and sewer mains, the replacement of damaged and inadequate sewer and water mains, and the chlorination and testing of new and replacement mains.

Water and Waste Water Maintenance Division Mission Statement

To provide effective delivery of water through the City’s distribution system and an efficient service of water and wastewater through proper maintenance of the water and sanitary sewer collection system.

Collection and Distribution Division Mission Statement

The Collection and Distribution Division provides water in the proper quantity, at adequate pressures, when and where it is needed for domestic, commercial and industrial use, as well as for adequate fire protection. This service is necessary 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Drainage Maintenance Division Mission Statement

The Drainage Maintenance Division provides maintenance for the drainage system throughout the City. The division maintains and cleans the drainage system through the shaping, grading of channels and removal of debris from the storm water infrastructure.

Building Maintenance Division Mission Statement

Building Maintenance ensures safe and comfortable working environments for all employees in City facilities and to provide prompt response, quality service, and the efficient resolution of maintenance problems.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement: to ensure that all public infrastructure and improvements are designed and built in accordance with City standards and accepted engineering and construction practices. In order to properly implement the vision statement, the Department of Public Works will:

Value Statement

Dependable: Willing to commit and follow through
Loyal: For the good of the whole
Ethical: Conforming to accepted moral principles
Responsive: Promptly reacting to the needs of others
Respectful: Considerate of others