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December 3, 2019 Library Board Minutes

Tuesday, Dec 3 2019
6:00 p.m.
Haltom City Public Library - 4809 Haltom Rd. | Haltom City, TX 76117
PDF version:
PDF version
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4809 Haltom Road, Haltom City, TX 76117

Board Room

December 3, 2019


The Haltom City Public Library Board held its combined November & December meeting on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 in the Haltom City Public Library Board Room, 4809 Haltom Road, Haltom City, with the following Library Board members

Present: Patsy Sullivan

Bette Bronstad

Clare Juarez

Donna Peterson

Bonnie Richards

Loretta DuBois

Walter Grow – Council Liaison

Absent: Rexanne Grove Amanda Hughes

Also Present: Lesly Smith, Library Services Director Fabiola Penrod, Administrative Secretary


Patsy Sullivan called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.



  1. Approval of Minutes

    Loretta DuBois made a motion to approve the minutes of the Library Board meeting held on October 22, 2019. Clare Juarez seconded the motion. Motion carried.



  2. Directors Monthly Report

    Lesly Smith presented the following to the Board:

    General Information

    Notary Services

    Alison has performed this service at the HC Senior Citizen Center, HC LifeCare Nursing Home and her first private home this month. The patrons were soooo appreciative. The private individuals wanted everyone to know what a great service this was for them.

    They kept trying to give her more money.

    Meeting Room

    The meeting room and the 3 study rooms have been repainted. Are looking for chair rails to install in the meeting room to help preserve the walls. Due to cost re-thinking resurfacing of the write boards.

    ILS – Integrated Library System

    Or for us oldies but goodies, card catalog. Question from last meeting: how many languages are available. Answer: 2 languages – English & Spanish.

    Emails of Monthly Library Newsletters

    Sign up to receive newsletter in your email. Sign up at You may also pick up print copy of the newsletter at Circulation Desk.

    Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    We are preparing to eliminate the $3.00 fee. No fees for ILL. This is because we are receiving payment for postage now (not previously). No timeline yet. This will be on the January 2020 agenda to be voted on by the Board. It then will go to the City Council for approval. Since this is an elimination of fees, I do not foresee any problem with approval.

    Mobile WiFi Hot Spots

    The library will start circulating the above soon. Erica is getting all 50 units cataloged and processed in the card catalog & circulation/acquisition systems (ILS). Hot spot devices connect one to the internet. These are checked out like a book (though there is a User’s Agreement that must be signed); this agreement states that if the device is lost or damaged the patron must pay the following replacement fees:

    $100 – hotspot device

    $ 24 – adapter & charger

    $ 10 – carrying case

    These above fees were approved by the City Council at the 11-11-19 City Council meeting. If the unit is lost the library is not charged until the library wants to replace the unit. At that time we would be charged for the actual replacement. Theft has proven not

    to be a problem (at other libraries) because once the check-out period has expired the device turns off automatically, becomes inoperable and essentially becomes a door stop.


    Wind Power – interactive exhibit on loan from the University of TX at Dallas (where we secure the STEM kits for Super Science Saturdays).

    World War I: Lessons and Legacies Poster Exhibition – exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution.

    Outreach Services

    Please see Library Programs & Meetings Report (with Monthly Statistical Report).


    Vacancies: 1 part time clerk & 1 part time page. Rosa Aguero, page, has recently resigned but has returned. Interviews commencing.

    Overdue Fines

    As reported in September’s Director’s Report all MetrOPAC libraries except Watauga are fine free starting October 1, 2019. There is a change (changed from last September’s report) with waiving old fines from the other MetrOPAC libraries. Details are still being worked out but at the present time we can waive other MetrOPAC libraries’ fines here and the patron does not have to travel to the other library to have this accomplished (except for Keller & Watauga Public libraries).

    As stated in email sent to Board on November 5th the Chicago Public Library has jumped on the fine free band wagon and are seeing many items returned. This is the largest library so far to go fine free. Some of the big public libraries that are fine free: Austin, Denver, Duluth, Hartford, Kansas City, Lincoln, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, Oakland, St. Paul, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Spokane, Tampa. Some are not full fine free but fine free for children &/or teens, not adults.

    Courier Service

    Temporarily reduced deliveries from FW. We have contracted out for 5-day delivery. There are (normally) 4 drivers to cover 16 FW locations and 6 MetrOPAC libraries. Currently there is only 1 driver. Another driver was in the hospital and is recovering (not due back until mid-December). Another driver was let go and one position vacant. We will be reimbursed for missed deliveries but until the situation is resolved this is the new schedule:

    3 Days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday Haltom City 2:15 PM-3:30 PM

    I anticipate this will continue through 2019 (my guess of course).


    Programs at the Library

    Please see handouts + monthly calendar handout for programs. A short discussion was held between Lesly and the Board.

  3. Friends of the HCPL Report

    Ms. Patsy announced the following:

    1. The Friends of the HCPL helped with different programs at the library.

    2. The Holiday Bedtime Storytime will be a great opportunity for volunteering.

  4. Long-Range Plan

Bette Bronstad made a motion to table this item until the next meeting. Donna Peterson seconded the motion. Motion carried.


January 28, 2020


Ms. Bonnie Richards shared the news of a Board member’s family loss, Amanda

Hughes’ mother. A sympathy card will be mailed on behalf of the board.


The meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m. Respectfully yours,

Bonnie Richards

Secretary, Haltom City Public Library Board