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Housing Authority

The Housing Authority is authorized by Section 5 of the Housing Authority Law of the State of Texas. (This board is exempt from the provisions of Ordinance No. O-96-060-01 regarding membership and length of terms of service.) The Mayor of the City of Haltom City appoints the commissioners. No commissioners may be an employee or officer of the City for which the authority is created. All commissioners shall hold office until their successors are appointed and qualified. Terms are for two years.
The Housing Authority is responsible for the administration of Federal Public Housing in the City of Haltom City. Members are not considered officers of the City of Haltom City. The municipality’s involvement in the creation of a housing authority is limited to the city council’s passing of a resolution* declaring the need for a housing authority, and the appointment (and removal for certain causes) by the mayor of the persons to serve as commissioners of the Housing Authority. The municipality does not create the Housing Authority, the housing authority is already created by statute.
The Housing Authority governs its own affairs without interference or funding from the municipality. The Housing Authority is governed by a board of commissioners separate from the city council. The powers of the housing authority are specifically vested in the board of commissioners, and the city council has no oversight of the decisions of the board of commissioners.
2021 Agendas & Minutes
December 15, 2021


October 10, 2021


Appointed Members
  • Leticia Aguilar
  • Ann Skwira-Wilson
  • Sandra Tork
  • Don LeMaster
  • Clare Juarez
  • Council Contact - Susan Soule
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