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Divisions of Haltom City Public Works

The Haltom City Department of Public Works contains eight divisions.

Building Maintenance

This division is responsible for the timely repair of the City's facilities and internal equipment. This includes a variety of tasks including minor plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, and carpentry work and provides preventative maintenance on building systems.


Engineering is actual contained within its own department, but is headquartered and run out of the Municipal Services Center located on Hollis Street. It's prime responsibility is the review, permitting and inspection of all private development projects (non City initiated) to insure compliance with all City specifications and requirements. These projects involve the public infrastructure and include street construction, traffic control, storm drainage, construction and repair of water lines and sewer facilities. The department supervises the design and construction of capital improvement projects and construction inspection of these projects.

Specific activities include assistance in planning and zoning functions, review of public works plans, street and drainage design, flood plain mapping and management, water distribution and wastewater collection design, and special projects. The engineering department is also responsible for the coordination and management of the City Storm Water Utility Program.

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Environmental Services

The Environmental Services division is responsible for industrial pretreatment program, the illicit discharge detection and elimination program, grease control program, the mosquito (vector) control program, public pool inspections, as well as, industrial, commercial, and residential inspections for environmental compliance and possible code enforcement. Also in coordination with the City Engineer, Public Information Officer, state and local agencies, and community members, environmental services monitors and helps provides public education about storm water run-off and pollution prevention.


Storm Water Drainage

Responsible for removing excessive vegetation, debris, sediment, and obstruction in the City’s open waterways, flood control ponds, bridges, and culverts. It also inspects, cleans and rehabilitates the City’s storm sewer pipes and inlets.

Street Maintenance

The City's Street Maintenance division is responsible for maintenance of the City’s street infrastructure, which includes crack sealing, cleaning and sweeping of streets, pavement markings, curb and gutter repairs, and the development of maintenance and repair strategies. This division is also responsible for the maintenance and installation of traffic signals, school flashers, street signs, mowing of city lots and right-of-ways, and traffic counts.

The street division utilizes the services of contractors to help in the process of milling and overlaying streets and assists in the reclaiming of streets.

Street/Utility Construction

This division is responsible for the replacement of water and sewer facilities, reconstruction of streets, as well as demolition and cleanup projects.

An assessment of Haltom City streets was conducted in 1994 and again in 2005. The data is used to establish a comprehensive street improvement plan.

Water Production/Testing

Since the late 1980’s, Haltom City has purchased all drinking water from the City of Fort Worth. In order to provide a daily average demand of 8 million gallons, the City currently has a storage capacity of 12 million gallons and a pumping capacity of 14,000 gallons per minute (20 million gallons per day). The safe drinking water act establishes standards for all drinking water, which include the daily monitoring of chlorine residual, pH, and daily sampling for bacteriology. Recent improvements include a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) installed in 1999/2000 to monitor the City’s water distribution system. Water production is also responsible for the cross connection control program.

Water/Waste Water Maintenance

In addition to routine maintenance of the water distribution and sanitary sewer collection systems and fire hydrants, this division responds to emergency calls 24 hours a day to repair broken water mains and clear plugged sanitary sewer mains. Another program responsibility for this division is the comprehensive evaluation and repair of the City’s sanitary sewer collection system. The department also cleans more than ½ million feet of sanitary sewer mains annually.

For after hours emergencies call 817-281-1000.

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