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Haltom City Firefighter Qualifications/Application

Make a positive difference in the community of Haltom City. If you are committed to being a part of a dedicated and professional organization, apply for a career in firefighting with the Haltom City Fire Department.

Start by filling out the Firefighter/Paramedic Exam Registration form version of the Firefighter Paramedic Exam Registration form.

Veterans – DD-214 showing honorable discharge required to receive five (5) veteran points on test day.

Minimum qualifications required to test for position of Firefighter:

  • Minimum age of applicant is 19 years old 
  • Must have a High School diploma or GED
  • Valid Texas Class C Driver's License
  • Must be certified as a Firefighter by the Texas Commission of Fire Protection
  • Must be a certified Paramedic, or an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) through the Texas Department of State Health Services and enrolled in an approved paramedic school and within 6 months of graduation.
  • Visual acuity must be at least 20/200 uncorrected (both eyes) and 20/30 corrected (both eyes); color vision deficiency may be a dis-qualifier.
    *Failure of Ishihara color test may be defaulted to a “field test.”
  • Hearing loss not greater than:
      20 DB at 500 cps
      30 DB at 1000cps
      50 DB at 2000 cps
      65 DB at 4000 cps

*Use of a hearing aid will be considered on an individual basis.

An extensive background check will be conducted.

If you are unable to attend, do not meet the minimum qualifications, or if you have questions call the Haltom City Human Resources Department at 817 222-7737 or 817 222-7742.

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