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Fire/Rescue Department - News & Events

Haltom City Fire/Rescue Department's news and events are listed here.

HCFD Recognizes North Oaks MS

Haltom City Fire/Rescue issued a proclamation recognizing the responsive actions taken by staff after a teacher collapsed during the school day. The proclamation was presented at the July 23rd, 2018 City Council meeting.

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, Haltom City Fire Department responded to a call regarding an “unconscious person” at North Oak Middle School, located at 4800 Jordon Park. The response to this type of call is one that the fire department makes too often, with an outcome that is rarely a positive one. This call, however, would prove to be something special, one of those calls that even in the fire service you might only see once in a career. Due to the efforts and training of some wonderful people who worked together, a man’s life was saved.


haltom city fire rescue north oaks middle school recognition

pictured L to R: Firefighter Doreteo Reyes, Jr., Firefighter Daniel McCurdy, Lt. Greg Wagner, Firefighter Chad Hopkins, Lt. Benjamin Sayen, Lt. Christopher Tyrone, Nurse Lily Kingsbury, Firefighter Jacob Day, Alex Snider, James Linwood, Andy Ramirez, Andrew Lawver, Susan Dean, Jennifer Klaerner, School Resource Officer Carl Cage & Fire Chief Perry Bynum.

Mr. Allen Hopkins was filling the role as substitute teacher at North Oak Middle School on that Thursday morning. He had a break between classes and had just entered the teacher’s lounge. Alex Snider and Patrick Linwood were also in the teacher’s lounge. Alex stated that he saw Mr. Hopkins walk in and collapsed, falling face first on to the floor. Alex immediately responded and rolled Mr. Hopkins over onto his back and began assessing the situation. Mr. Snider realized that he was going to need help and asked Patrick Linwood to call for help. Mr. Linwood was able to locate Principal Jennifer Klaerner and Assistant Principles Susan Dean and Andrew Lawver. Andrew immediately called for the nurse, Lily Kingsbury.

haltom city north oaks middle schoolUpon her arrival, Nurse Lily Kingsbury quickly assessed Mr. Hopkins and asked Andrew Lawver to activate the AED team. The AED team consist of Assistant Principle Andrew Lawver, RN Nurse Lily Kingsbury, Educational Assistant Andy Ramirez, Educational Assistant Luis Ramos and Teacher/Coach Johnny Evans. Nurse Kingsbury instructed Alex Snider to retrieve the AED, which was approximately 50 feet from their location. The AED team members quickly arrived at the scene, where Andy Ramirez assumed chest compression duty from Lily Kingsbury, who had already checked for a pulse and had begun the initial chest compressions. Nurse Kingsbury began to give the patient mouth-to mouth ventilation as Andy Ramirez continued with chest compressions. Alex Snider returned with the AED and defibrillation pads were placed on the patient’s chest. The analyze button was pressed and a shock was advised. Everyone removed themselves from physical contact with Mr. Hopkins and the shock was delivered. The patient’s carotid pulse was checked and detected by the nurse. The patient began to have spontaneous movements. Chest compression were halted due to the patient’s response.

The time between Mr. Hopkins falling to the floor until the AED shocks were administered was less than two minutes. The timing that transpired in this scenario is nothing short of amazing. This was the best example of a team of individuals who responded and reacted to save a life.

School Resource Officer Carl Cage recognized the severity of the incident and contacted dispatch to tone out the Haltom City Fire/Rescue Department and Medstar. AED team member Luis Ramirez helped keep the scene safe by controlling the crowd and Johnny Evans assisted in going through the check list to assure everything had been covered during the stressful incident. The events of Thursday, May 24th, are proof that training and preparation, quick action combined with systematic thinking can save lives. On behalf of Mr. Hopkins and the Haltom City Fire/Rescue Department, I would like to acknowledge everyone involved and thank you for your actions. Your willingness to train and compassion to help someone in need saved a life that day.


Battalion Chief James “Hoss” White - Haltom City Fire/Rescue Department

Fire Services Bd T-Shirt Sale

haltom city fire services board t shirt sale december 2016The Haltom City Fire Services Board has t-shirts for sale. All proceeds go towards supporting our Haltom City Fire/Rescue Department. Shirts are $20 and are available in sizes Small - XXXL.

Please contact Amy West, Administrative Assistant,  at 817-759-8650 or by filling out this contact form. You may also contact Fire Services Board member Suzanne Norris at 817-637-6332.

Thank you for your support!

HCFD Business Inspections

haltom city firerescue logoInspectors with the Haltom City Fire Department will be out once again conducting inspections in businesses operating within the Haltom City. The goal of the inspections is to help make the city a safer place to live and work. When the inspectors arrive at your business, what can you expect? A common misconception is that the inspectors are only there to check on your fire extinguishers. Checking the fire extinguishers is important, but only one of many items they will be looking for.

The following is a short list of some of the items the inspectors will be checking:

  • Fire extinguishers: must have a current inspection tag or proof of purchase within the past year. IFC 906.2, 901.6
  • Exits: Exits must be clear and unobstructed. Exit lights (if so equipped) must be operable. IFC 1003.6, 1011.3
  • Housekeeping: Clutter and debris is a fire and safety hazard. This is a common problem around town. IFC 315, 508.5.4
  • Sprinkler systems: If your business is equipped with a fire sprinkler system, it must be serviced by a licensed technician each year. IFC 901.6.1
  • Fire Alarms: If your business is equipped with a fire alarm, it must be serviced by a licensed technician each year. IFC 901.6
  • Wiring: Any exposed wiring must be repaired or removed. Electrical problems will be reported to the City code enforcement and the building official. Access to the breaker panel must be maintained. IFC 605.6, 605.3
  • Fire Lanes: Fire lanes must be maintained and properly painted. IFC 503.3

This list in not all inclusive. The fire inspectors will talk with you about your business and how to make it safer. Each business owner will have 10 business days to address the violations noted on the inspection. Failure to address the issues can result in a fine or fines.

If you have any question, please call/email Deputy Fire Chief Fred Napp.

Arson Investigation - Asst. Needed

Issued: 3/24/2016
From: Fire Marshal Fred Napp
Bulletin # 2016-001

Subject: Arson Investigation: Assistance Needed to Identify Suspect

At approximately 0500 on the morning of March 14, 2016 an unknown suspect started a fire at the business located at 4010 NE 28th Street in Haltom City. As a result of the fire, a firefighter was injured.

Security cameras caught the act on video and the suspect is shown below. The suspect appears to be in his 30s or 40s with a short, dark beard and dark, close cropped hair. He is wearing dark shoes, what may possibly be tan or rust color overalls, and a dark jacket. When he arrives at the scene is he wearing a dark satchel over his shoulder. He is approximately 5’8”to 6’ tall weighing approximately 250 to 275 pound. The suspect may have sustained flash burns to his face and hands. The suspect is seen fleeing the scene to the north across NE 28th into the cemetery.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Haltom City Fire Marshal at 817-759-8664 or the Haltom City Police at 817-281-1000.


march 14 haltom city fire rescue arson suspect

HCFD Receives Special Visit

haltom city fire rescue seth brenesOn the afternoon of September 30th, 2015, 14 year old Seth Brenes walked into Haltom City fire station to to say thank you to the firefighters who made a difference in his life. In order to understand the significance of the visit, one must go back to May 30th, 2015 and review the events of that afternoon.

The afternoon of May 30th, 2015 marked the end of the Seth’s eighth-grade school year. In order to celebrate, Seth and several of his friends held an “End of the School Year Party” at a residence in Haltom City. During the course of the activities at the party, Seth’s life changed. An accident in the backyard left Seth with a severe spinal injury with the loss of function in his legs. 911 was called and Haltom City firefighters, along with Medstar, responded to the scene.

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