FATHOM 2019 Billing Cycles

Information: 833-764-5239

Due to the change in billing calendars and a return to set payment due dates, water account holders will be refunded one (1) billing cycle, excluding water consumption. Account holders will be refunded for:

  • water base
  • sewer base
  • trash
  • storm drainage
  • sewer surcharge
  • contributions

Customer that are billed sewer based on averaging will receive a second refund. The first refund will be the base rate, and the second will be the averaged flat rate. Customers that pay sewer based on actual consumption will only receive the base rate refund.

The refunds will be issued for each billing cycle between January 18 and February 8, 2019.

A PDF file of the 2019 water bill calendar, which shows bill dates, due dates & disconnection dates for all accounts through December, 2019, can be downloaded here:

fathom water management 750x