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Haltom City


    4809 Haltom Rd. Haltom City, TX 76117
  • Monday - Thursday
    10:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • Friday
    10:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday
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e-Reader Instructions

Depending on which eReader you use, please reference the user instructions below. A PDF file of the instructions listed below can be downloaded here.

How to Access/Download HCPL's e-Books and Audiobooks

What You Need
  • A valid Haltom City Public Library card
  • An internet connection via PC, Mac, or select mobile devices
  • Free, required software (download instructions below).
How to Get Started
  • Go to
  • Click on the "Account" icon along top right.
  • Type the name of your city's library, then type the barcode number of your library card. (note: some libraries may require a password, which will often be the same password you use for your main library account. Contact your library for password assistance)
  • If you are unable to log in, there may be an issue with your library account. Contact the HCPL for assistance.
Searching for a Specific Book or Author
  • A search box is located at the top right corner of the screen. This may appear as a magnifying glass icon if you are using a mobile device.
  • Type in the title or author of the book(s) you are looking for.
  • Your search results will appear on the screen.
  • If the title or author you are looking for does not appear, check the spelling in your search bar. If the book(s) still do not show up, they may not be available through Overdrive.


  • Directly below the search box is an Advanced Search, which will allow for a more specialized search (including format, publication date, series, etc.).
Browsing for Books

You can also browse through the most popular or recently added titles. Go to the menu bar, select “all eBook fiction/non-fiction” OR “all audiobook fiction/non-fiction”. Sort by “Most Popular” OR “Added to Site”. To see only titles that are currently available for checkout, filter the search by “Available Now”.

OverDrive Formats: A Guide for Patrons
  • Adobe ePub: (eBook) Used in Overdrive app and Adobe Digital Editions
  • Kindle: (eBook) Only used on Amazon Kindle devices
  • MP3: (Audiobook) Most popular, used on most devices, including Apple
  • WMA: (Audiobook) Only for Windows machines and some MP3 players

Note regarding the Kindle Fire: If using the Overdrive app on a Kindle Fire, the format used for e-Books should be Adobe ePub, NOT the Kindle format.
Note regarding WMA format: In order to use a WMA audiobook format on an Apple device, the file must be downloaded on a computer, then transferred to iTunes, then transferred to the Apple device. See the Overdrive “Help” section or ask a librarian for details.

Downloading the OverDrive App: For Smartphones and Tablets

(NOOK Tablet, Amazon Fire, iPad and iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.)

  • Download the Overdrive app from Google Play or Apple iTunes Store for free. Once the App is downloaded you will be prompted to create a separate Overdrive account for the app.
  • Once your username and password have been created, click on the menu bar in the app (symbol with three parallel lines).
  • Then select: “Add a Library”. Type in your library’s name and click “search”.
  • Select your library’s name from the search results. Then select “North Texas Libraries on the Go”.
  • “North Texas Libraries on the Go” will now permanently show up under the “My Libraries” section in the Overdrive App Menu. Selecting “North Texas Libraries on the Go” will take you to the digital content catalog within your app. From here you can sign in to your account with your library card number, check out items, place holds, and more.
Downloading Books with a Tablet or Smartphone
  • Check out a book using the Overdrive App.
  • Go to your “bookshelf” in your Overdrive account and select “Download”. If prompted, choose the appropriate format (see “Overdrive Formats: A Guide for Patrons” for help determining which format to use).
  • Select the menu button in the Overdrive App (three horizontal parallel lines) and select “Bookshelf”.
  • Your title will appear here once it is downloaded. (Note: keep the app open while the title downloads).
Downloading Books with Amazon Kindle eReaders
  • After you check out the book, choose the Kindle format. This will take you directly to
  • Sign in with your Amazon account. Choose the device on which you want the book to download.
  • Once you click on Library Book, it will automatically download. If you need to download it from your computer, click on “Download Now”, and save the file to your computer. Then plug in your Kindle to your computer through the USB cable and transfer the file to your Kindle.
  • You can also download the Overdrive app from the Amazon app store. If you use the app, make sure you download the Adobe EPUB format, not Kindle.
Downloading Books with a NOOK (eReader Only)
  • Check out the book from the Overdrive website on a computer.
  • To download the eBook, you will need Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. If you do not have it installed, you will be prompted to install it. You may be asked to create an Adobe ID. The Adobe ID for your computer and your Nook will need to match.
  • If you already have the software, the book will download.
  • Once the eBook is downloaded, plug in the device to the computer.
  • Click on the eBook cover, and drag and drop to the left menu under “My Collections”. You will have to unplug the Nook from the computer and it will then appear “My Documents”.
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