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May 7, 2020 EDC Minutes

Thursday, May 7 2020
6:00 p.m.
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Board of Directors - Haltom City Economic Development Corporation

Haltom City Economic Development Corporation Special Videoconference Meeting

May 7, 2020


A Special Meeting by the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Haltom City, Texas, was held on May 7, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. through videoconferencing, with the following members present: Board President Ricky Brown; Vice President Gary Blocker. Board Members Brent Weast, Walter Grow, Troy Dunn, and Don Jury. Board Member Daren Hudson was absent. Staff Present: Rex Phelps, EDC Director; Sidonna Foust, Assistant City Manager; Wayne Olson, City Attorney; Art Camacho, City Secretary, and Greg Van Nieuwenhuize, Public Works Director. Also present at the GoToMeeting videoconference was Will Northern and Dan Dase of WNC; Zach Penn of Christie’s International Real Estate; Ron McCrae and Auggie Gomez of McCrae Group; David Sellers of LGE Designbuild; and W. A. Landreth of Vaquero Ventures.

CALL TO ORDER (General Comments)

EDC President Brown called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

  1. EDC Minutes – Consideration and/or action to approve the Minutes of the February 20, 2020 EDC Regular Meeting. Board Member Dunn moved, seconded by Board Member Jury, to approve the Minutes of February 20, 2020. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

  2. Development and Contract – Consideration and/or action for proposed Development Plan and Contract Proposals of EDC property located as 4101 Old Denton Road by Vaquero Ventures and McCrae Group. EDC Director Rex Phelps gave a quick introduction to the realty and investment personnel attending and David Sellers presented a PowerPoint program which included the McCrae Group personnel, the financial data, and their site plan for development and current building designs project examples. A discussion was held concerning the quality of model situated for Haltom City and potential customer groups. Zach Penn introduced W. A. Landreth, who addressed the board and also presented a PowerPoint that included a proposed use for cold-storage and industrial use buildings. A discussion was held regarding the timeline for construction, incoming road condition, loading bays, and vehicle traffic.

EDC President Brown called for an Executive Session at 6:30 p.m. under the following:


Section 551.071 – Consultation with the EDC Attorney. The Economic Development Corporation reserves the right to adjourn into Executive Session at any time during the course of this meeting to seek legal advice from the EDC Attorney about any matters listed on the agenda, dissolution/restructuring of the Haltom City Economic Development Corporation, Chapter 380 development agreement with Haltom Hospitality, LLC, legal impact of COVID-19, authority to ease open meetings act, and litigation, settlement offers and/or claims including Flynn v. Haltom City.

Section 551.072 – Real Property. Deliberation regarding the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property owned by the Economic Development Corporation.

RECONVENE INTO REGULAR SESSION - The EDC reconvened into Regular Session at 7:24 p.m. Board Member Weast moved, seconded by Board Member Grow, to authorize EDC Chair to sign the contract with McCrae Group. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.


President Brown adjourned the videoconference meeting at 7:26 p.m. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED BY: APPROVED BY:

Art Camacho, City Secretary Ricky Brown, President