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Fire in Richland Hills

Updated - 02/25/21 at 5:15 p.m.
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There is currently a multi-alarm fire at Belton St. and Handley Ederville in Richland Hills. Please avoid the area.

Crews are still working to extinguish the fire and will likely continue to do so into the night. The heavy smoke is dissipating, but please be cautious if you're downwind of the area. If you are downwind please stay inside your home and ensure your windows and doors are closed.

TCEQ (Texas Commission on Env Quality) has been notified and they are conducting air quality tests.

Winter Storm Uri

Trash & Recycling
Updated - 02/25/21 at 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday routes will be completed by the end of the day (2/25) & Wednesday routes should be completed by tomorrow. Please note that residents will only get one (1) pick up this week.

Next week will be back to the 2x/week service. Thank you and we again apologize for the inconveniences.

For a full list of operational changes affected by COVID-19 see:


Update for Our Water Customers

Haltom City has implemented the following measures to assist residents affected by last week's Winter Storm Uri:

  • Water disconnects will be postponed until further notice. This will allow customers the opportunity to take care of repairs as needed.
  • Customer’s that experience unusually high water use due to broken pipes/water leaks are asked to call our Utility Billing Office at 817-222-7717 to discuss the possibility of payment plan options. Such services will only be offered to customers experiencing high use during the weather related event.
  • All late fees will be waived through the last billing cycle in March, 2021.
Change to Monthly Averaging

Since many citizens have experienced water leaks or dripped faucets to prevent broken pipes, we will use the months of November/December/January rather than the normal December/January/February water use to average your sewer amount for the upcoming year. While February is normally a very low use month, it may not have been due to this weather event. This will allow the lowest possible water use months for your new averaging periods. If you must submit a sewer leak adjustment due to a leak caused during the months of November/December/January, you can work with the Utility Billing Department to submit the form. For leaks that occurred during February, you will not need to submit a sewer adjustment form since we will NOT be using your water consumption for that time period.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give Water leak adjustments since the City purchases their water from the City of Fort Worth. We will however provide you with bill copies, or water consumption reports to be used for any insurance claims you may need to file if you suffered water leaks or damage to your properties during the weather event.

Permits Required for Repairs

Permits and inspections are required for any repairs involving a water, sewer or gas line. Permits and inspections are required to protect the consumer/citizen against substandard repairs and predatory contractors. Licensed plumbers are familiar with obtaining city permits and often include is as a part of their service. Please do your due diligence when selecting contractors for work on your home. Often after an event such as this the market is flooded with predatory contractors and other bad actors looking to exploit the situation. Do not pre-pay for any services before they are rendered.

Permits can be obtained through our Planning and Permitting Department at 817-222-7730 or the online action center link at our MyGov online portal.

- Once permits are issued, you can call for inspections at 817-222-7730.

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