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Haltom City

Planning & Community Development

  • Director - Glenna Batchelor
    5024 Broadway Ave. Haltom City, TX 76117


  • Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday

Code of Ordinances

  • Zoning Ordinance

    The Haltom City zoning regulations and districts as herein established, have been made in accordance with a comprehensive plan, for the purpose of promoting health, safety, morals and the general welfare of the City of Haltom City. This ordinance has been designed, among other things, to lessen congestion in the streets, to secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers, to provide adequate light and pure air; to avoid undue concentration of population, and to facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewage, schools, parking areas and other public requirements.

    Review the Haltom City Zoning Ordinance through Municode:

    Zoning Ordinance

    The following is a list of amendments to the Haltom City zoning ordinance:

    Certain Uses Zoning Update, Ordinance no. O-2016-024-15

    Day Laborer Ordinance, Ordinance No. O-2015-020-15

    Non-Depository Financial Institutions, Ordinance No. 2012-005-15 Case # Z-001-12

    Tire and Battery Sales Stores, Ordinance No. O-2012-006-15 Case # Z-003-12

    Fence Regulations, Ordinance No. O-2015-007-15

    Amend "Definitions" of Restaurants, Ordinance No. O-2012-014-15 Case # Z-009-12

    Amend "Junked Vehicles & Motor Vehicle Junk Yards", Ordinance No. O-2012-015-25 Case # Z-010-12

    Smoke Shops & Smoke Lounges, Ordinance No. O-2014-032-03

    Community Home Ordinance, Ordinance No. O-2016-011-15

    Rezone - 5601 Diamond Oaks Dr., Ordinance No. O-2022-001-15

    Rezone - Amending O-2002-032-15, Ordinance No. O-2021-027-15

  • Masonry Ordinance

    The Haltom City masonry ordinance was approved by City Council and last amended on March 28th, 2013.

    Refer to the Haltom City Municipal Code/Charter, Part II Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14, Buildings, Structures and Appurtenances, Article 1. In General, Section 14-27 for the complete ordinance.

  • Subdivision Ordinance

    The Haltom City subdivision ordinance is adopted under the authority of the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, including particularly Chapter 212 of the Texas Local Government Code and the provisions of the Municipal Annexation Act, codified as Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code.

    Reference the Haltom City Municipal Code Charter, Chapter 38-37 for updated building code elevation requirements.

  • Sign Ordinance

    The Haltom City sign ordinance is approved by the city council and issued out of the Haltom City Planning & Community Development Department.

  • 5024 Broadway Ave.
  • Haltom City, Texas 76117
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