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April 9, 2020 City Council & EDC Minutes

Thursday, Apr 9 2020
City Hall (Council Chambers) - 5024 Broadway Ave. | Haltom City, TX 76117
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April 9, 2020


A Joint Meeting by the City Council of the City of Haltom City, Texas, and the Haltom City Economic Development Corporation was held on April 9, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. through a videoconference with the following members present:

Mayor An Truong Mayor Pro Tem Lin Thompson

Council Place 1 Marian Hilliard Council Place 2 Walter Grow (EDC Member) Council Place 4 Brent Weast (EDC Member) Council Place 5 Susan Soule

Council Place 6 Ricky Brown (EDC President) Council Place 7 Gaye Vanzant

Economic Development Board Members present: Gary Blocker, EDC Vice President; Troy Dunn and Daren Hudson, EDC Members. EDC Member Don Jury was absent.

Staff Present: Rex Phelps, City Manager; Sidonna Foust, Assistant City Manager; Wayne Olson, City Attorney; Art Camacho, City Secretary; and Greg Van Nieuwenhuize, Public Works Director. Planning Consultant Trent Petty and Catalyst Group presenter Jason Claunch were present.

CALL TO ORDER - Mayor Truong and EDC President Ricky Brown both called the Joint Meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. Mayor Truong gave an invocation and commented on the passing of former Council member John Williams, the effort of community service by the Senior Center and the Public Safety departments, and the continuation of the COVID 19 regulations, which has resulted in a first-time videoconference joint meeting for Haltom City. EDC President Ricky Brown also commended the IT Department for their aide in making the meeting viable for all.

  1. Catalyst Group Presentation – City Manager Rex Phelps gave a short review of the development plan from the past meeting and introduced Jason Claunch, who began his PowerPoint program. He mentioned the following highlights:

    • Current development “branding” exists throughout the north side of this area.

    • Efforts to relay the development plan to new and current developers.

    • Population/residents increase will be beneficial and cohesive to the development.

    • General opportunity to create retail/dining/entertainment in this area.

    • Market analysis indicates varying retail/dining/office/industrial uses for select properties.

    • Corporate facility/dining scenarios would be marketable for business relocations.

    • Review and refine the scenarios for best use marketing of the area.

    • Financing/interest rates impact on future development.

A promotional video was presented and a discussion was held regarding the distribution of the brochure/video material, the Council’s promotion of this material, new development competition, timeline for possible revenue returns, and the percentage of industrial/retail businesses in the area. In addition, the offer of amenities to a developer, the scenario of mix use facilities, restoration of buildings, timelines of building completion, and the new rulings on tax roll limits was discussed. Mayor Truong thanked Mr. Claunch, Mr. Petty, the Council, the EDC and the IT Department for their input and assistance toward this meeting.


Mayor Truong and EDC President Ricky Brown adjourned the meeting at 7:29 p.m. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED BY: APPROVED BY:

Art Camacho, City Secretary An Truong, Mayor