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February 24, 2020 City Council Minutes

Monday, Feb 24 2020
City Hall (Council Chambers) - 5024 Broadway Ave. | Haltom City, TX 76117
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February 24, 2020


A Regular Meeting by the City Council of the City of Haltom City, Texas, was held on February 24, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 5024 Broadway Avenue, Haltom City, Texas, with the following members present:

Mayor Pro Tem Lin Thompson Council Place 1 Marian Hilliard

Council Place 2 Walter Grow Council Place 4 Brent Weast

Council Place 5 Susan Soule Council Place 6 Ricky Brown Mayor An Truong and Council Place 7 Gaye Vanzant were absent.

Staff Present: Rex Phelps, City Manager; Sidonna Foust, Assistant City Manager; Wayne Olson, City Attorney; Art Camacho, City Secretary; Glenna Batchelor, Planning and Community Development Director; Cody Phillips, Police Chief, Janet Carter, Purchasing Agent; Hikmat Qaddoura, Budget Analyst, and Greg Van Nieuwenhuize, Public Works Director.


CALL TO ORDER - Mayor Pro Tem Thompson called the Worksession to order at 6:00

p.m. and noted the absence of Mayor Truong and Council Member Vanzant.

VISITORS/CITIZENS FORUM - No citizen came forward.

PRESENTATION – Women’s Safe Haven. Nichole Henry, Vice President of Residential Services, gave a presentation describing the group’s objective, performance, cooperative work with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, and data information. A discussion was held regarding funding, domestic prevention, dual-gender assistance, and public safety involvement.

Mayor Pro Tem Thompson closed the Worksession at 6:35 p.m. and called for an Executive Session.


Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code

As authorized by Section 551.071, the City Council reserves the right to adjourn into Executive Session at any time during the course of this meeting to seek legal advice from the City Attorney about any matters listed on the agenda, in addition to the following matters:

Consultation with the City Attorney pertaining to any matter in which the duty of the City Attorney under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct may conflict with the Open Meetings Act; including discussion of any item posted on the Agenda; to seek legal advice on open meetings, open records, code of ethics and conflicts of interest, appointment and role of board of adjustment, and pending litigation and settlement offers for the following cases:

    • Flynn v. Haltom City EDC

    • James H. Watson v. City of Haltom City

    • Joe Williamson v. City of Haltom City

    • Nicklaus Forrest v. City of Haltom City

Section 551.072 – Deliberations about Real Property - Deliberation regarding the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property, and property owned or leased by the City and the EDC, including city buildings.

Mayor Pro Tem Thompson closed the Executive Session at 6:28 p.m.



Mayor Pro Tem Thompson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Council Member Soule gave the Invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Flag Pledge.

ANNOUNCEMENTS/EVENTS – City Secretary Art Camacho read the following:

  • The HC Public Library lists the children, teen, and adult programs on the website

  • GED Study Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m

  • AARP Tax Preparation Assistance – Thursdays – 12-3 p.m. – registration is required

  • Computer Classes in both English and Spanish are at the Library

  • DIY Wednesday craft will be Funfetti Candles on March 11th

  • After Hours Paint Night will be held on Friday, March 1st

  • Sweet Spring Break begins Monday and ends Friday, March 9th

  • Spring Break camp registration is underway until March 2nd

  • Soccer Registration ends February 29th for ages four and up

  • 2020 Fine Arts Scholarship Applications is underway until March 20th

  • Friends Helping Friends will host a Burgers-n-Bingo on Saturday, March 21st

  • Images of Haltom City photo contest deadline is April 6th

  • Haltom City CARFEST will be Saturday, April 4th at Haltom High School

  • Republican and Democratic Primary Early Voting continues until Feb. 28th

PRESENTATION – Longtime Employee Service Award. Police Chief Cody Phillips presented the award to Police Sergeant Thomas Myers, honoring him for thirty years of service. Sgt. Myers thanked the Council, Staff and citizens for the honor.


Monthly Financial Report – Review of Monthly Financial Report for January 31, 2020. Budget Analyst Hikmat Qaddoura presented the monthly financial report and a discussion was held regarding the projected revenue and property tax increases as homes are being constructed.


Council Member Weast requested Agenda Item # 3 – Ordinance No. 2020-007-15 (CU-003-

20) and # 4 – Resolution No. R-2020-008-03 - be moved to the Regular Agenda.

  1. Minutes – Consideration and/or action regarding approval of the Minutes of February 10, 2020.

    Council Member Grow moved, seconded by Council Member Weast, to approve the Minutes of February 10, 2020. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.


  2. Ordinance No. O-2020-007-15 (CU-003-20) – Consider action on the application of Diane Coffman for an amendment to Ordinance O-2001-085-15 (CU-022-01) to allow for Automobile and Light Truck Repair Shop in the M-2 – Heavy Industrial District located on Abstract 1754, Tracts 10 & 10D, of the JNO B York Survey, locally known as 3808 & 3812 Northeast 28th Street. – 2nd Reading. Planning and Community Development Director Glenna Batchelor presented the ordinance and also a list of changes applied from the first reading of the ordinance. Council Member Grow moved, seconded by Council Member Weast, to approve Ordinance No. O-2020-007-15 (CU-003-20) – second reading. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

  3. Resolution No. R-2020-008-03 – Consideration and/or action to approve Resolution No. R- 2020-008-03 revising the Purchasing Policy. Purchasing Agent Janet Carver presented the resolution, which included changes in the amount of over $3,000 and up to $50,000, will require three or more formal quotes and a purchase order, and which must first be approved by the Controller and Budget Analyst. City Attorney Olson also stated the City Manager, or his designee, is authorized to determine the results of the competitive bidding. Council

    Member Grow moved, seconded by Council Member Soule, to approve Resolution No. R- 2020-008-03. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

  4. Development Agreement – Consideration and/or action to approve a Facilities Agreement for the development of Heritage Village (Block A: Lots 1-8, OS9, & 10-13, Block B: Lots OS1, 2-12, OS13, 14-24, OS25, 26 & OS27, Block C: Lots OS1, 2-6 & OS7, Block D: Lot OS1, Block E: Lots 1-5, OS6, 7-15, OS16 & 17-26, and Block F: Lots OS1, 2-9, OS10, 11-24, OS25, 26-47 & OS48). Public Works Director Greg Van Nieuwenhuize presented the agreement, which included lighted crosswalks and sidewalks with handicap access. A discussion was held regarding changes on the apartment street side and the new addition, and the new safety features. Council Member Grow moved, seconded by Council Member Weast, to approve the Development Agreement between Haltom City and Our Country Homes for the Heritage Village Development. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

  5. Ordinance No. O-2020-008-15 (CU-004-20) – Conduct a Public Hearing and consider action on the application of Charles Scoma, on behalf of El Cala Construction, for a conditional use permit to allow for a contractor’s office (with shop and garage) located on an approximately 0.8999 acre tract of land situated in the Joel Walker Survey, Abstract 1654, Tract 20G01 Tarrant County, Texas and locally known as 5005 Parrish Road.1st Reading. Planning and Community Development Glenna Batchelor presented the ordinance, which included property improvements of the removing of garbage and installing approved surface material on the parking lot. Mayor Pro Tem Thompson opened the Public Hearing at 7:36 p.m. Property Owner Charles Scoma provided additional information regarding the redevelopment of the parking lot, the cost of paving the lot, and providing paved access to the enclosed storage facility. Mayor Pro Tem Thompson closed the Public Hearing at 7:45 p.m. Council Member Brown moved, seconded by Council Member Weast, to approve Ordinance No. O-2020-008-15 (CU-004-20) – 1st reading. New site plans of improvements will be forthcoming for the next reading. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.


  6. Staff Report – (1) Water Billing Update. Assistant City Manager Foust reported the Water Department and Utility Billing is operating at 100% in billing and collections, without a third party vendor, and a Water/Wastewater study will be available soon.


  7. Discussion on items to be placed on future agendas.


  8. Resignations of Board/Commissions/Committee Members – Consider approval of the resignations of Board/Commission/Committee Members. There were no resignations.

  9. Appointment/Reappointment to Boards/Commissions/Committees – Consider approval regarding appointments to Boards/Commissions/Committees. There were no appointments of reappointments.


  10. Attendance Requirements – Consideration regarding excused absences of Council Members according to Article III, Sec. 3.07 (a). Attendance Requirements of the Haltom City Charter. Council Member Grow moved, seconded by Council Member Soule, to approve the excused absence of Mayor An Truong and Council Member Gay Vanzant. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.


There was no Executive Session.


Mayor Pro Tem Thompson adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.


Art Camacho, City Secretary An Truong, Mayor