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Residents Recognized for Water Conservation Efforts

John & Dorys Thornton Receive Texas Rain Catcher Award
haltom city proclamation raincatcher award

Haltom City residents John & Dorys Thornton were recognized at the January 10, 2022 City Council meeting for being recognized by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). TWDB awarded the Thorntons their 2021 Texas Rain Catcher Award (Residential) for their efforts in constructing a rainwater harvesting system for residential outdoor needs to offset potable water use. John and Dorys constructed a sealed eleven 55-gallon barrel rainwater collection system that distributes the collected rainwater for their grass, shrubs and flowers, bypassing their in-ground irrigation system.

The TWDB website describes the efforts of the Thorntons:

Dorys and John Thornton began collecting rainwater in five 55-gallon barrels, which eventually increased to the now 11 interconnected barrels. The collected rainwater is used for birdbaths, watering flowers and trees, and irrigating the turf. By bypassing the inground sprinkler for a large part of the year, they have saved money and potable water. Other benefits include eliminating flooding and pooling of water in the area where the barrels now sit.

The Texas Water Development Board's Texas Rain Catcher Award is a rainwater harvesting competition and recognition program established October 1, 2007 to promote technology, educate the public, and to recognize excellence in the application of rainwater harvesting systems in Texas.


Pictured below L>R: Mayor An Truong, Dorys Thornton & John Thornton at the 01/10/22 City Council Meeting

City Council proclamation - John & Dorys Thornton with Mayor An Truong
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