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Haltom City Charter Review Committee

The Charter Review Committee was created to review portions of the City Charter and to report to the City Council recommendations for amendments, if any. The Committee is composed of nine members, one appointed by each Councilmember and the Mayor, and one member by Council vote. Members must be residents of the city for 12 consecutive months preceding their appointment and be registered voters.

The Committee shall commence its review on or after September 1, 2018. A final report approved by affirmative vote of a majority of the total Committee membership shall be presented to the City council on all recommendations for amendment of the Charter. Once voted, the Committee may have one additional opportunity to reconsider any amendment or recommendation. Members serve until the final report is accepted by the City Council or the Committee is discontinued by City Council action. The Committee establishes regular meeting times with no less than one meeting per month until the final report to the City Council. The Committee shall appoint a Chairperson and a Vice Chair, both shall be allowed to vote. The City Secretary shall record all meetings and a senior staff liaison designated by the City Manager shall attend all meetings.

Charter Review Cmte. Members

James White
Marian Hilliard
Steve Chapman - Chair
Britt Ford
Jack Lewis
Suzanne Norris
Don LeMaster
Layla Caraway
Bill Lanford