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5024 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117

July 14, 2018 Beautification Board Minutes

Beautification Meeting July 14, 2018

Call to order at 9:08am by chair Denise Ford

  • Members present:

    Birdi Blocker Wayne Clowers Denise Ford Toni Holmes Bob Presley

    Christi Pruitt - Staff Liaison Guests -Ruby Labeau

  • Approval of minutes

    Birdi motioned and Bob second. All in favor.

  • Volunteer hours

    Denise -10

    Bob - 120

    Toni -15

    Birdi - 20

    Wayne -10

  • Old business / reports-

    Simple recycling - 1,958 lbs. collected in May. We went up to 1,800 lbs. in April.

    KTB Conference - Christi brought back some interesting brochures for us to look at from the KTB Conference. She said she was glad she went and she had learned a lot. She came back with great ideas on recycling and cleaning water ways.

    Community Appearance Index - The report score last year was a 2 and this year is a 1. Although we are not judged on mowed areas or open dumpsters, Christi did notate the issue of the dumpsters not being enclosed and litter around them. She has renamed on the sheet the Areas are now A thru E and the sites are numerals. Christi said to look at the areas and see where we can concentrate on more of the major roads to the city and stay out of the residential areas. Denise said she will consider sectioning off the map to make it better. Board felt the overall litter in the City had greatly improved.

  • Business of the Quarter – Went well with Hi-Line Tools. They were very excited to receive the award. Birdi is taking a closer look at Fuel city as Business of the Quarter for October, November and December. We will vote in August for BOQ.

  • Upcoming events- Fall Sweep/Trinity Trash Bash is October 6 from 9-11am. Back to School fair in August has changed names and is now called Refresh and will be held at Wiley G Coliseum on August 18 from 9-1 and there will be a limited space on booths. Board members can volunteer time to help in other areas.

  • Planning Meeting for FY 2019 – We discussed several improvements that we as a board can do for GCAA in 2019. Planning meeting went on for 2 hours.

Bob asked about the NEED store and to add in with GCAA awards. Adjourned at 11:54AM