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April 16, 2018 Beautification Board Minutes

Haltom City

Beautification Board Minutes – April 16, 2018

Call to order at 6:01pm by chair Denise Ford Birdi Blocker

  • Members present: Wayne Clowers Denise Ford Toni Holmes Bob Presley

    Christi Pruitt - Staff Liaison Guest is Ricky Brown

  • Approval of minutes

    Birdi motioned and Wayne second.

  • Volunteer hours

    Denise -13

    Bob - 83

    Toni -15

    Birdi - 62

    Wayne -5

  • Old business / reports-

    Simple recycle- Christi has a report for March and it went down to 1194 lbs.

    Texas Trash Off and Buffs give back went well although cold weather put a damper on the turn out. Christi reports that probably 40 to 50 households in Haltom City participated with 6000 pounds of paper shredded. There were 130 to 140 registered and probably 110 to 120 showed up. So even with the weather it was a good turnout. Christi said they had a huge crowd of students in the rec center scrubbing walls and cleaning tables. Christi said that students were present at the senior center and they also picked up trash at the High School, Broadway park and Library. The parks and Recreation person and or a teacher is monitoring and keeping up with each student that arrives for the groups of buffs give back. The totals and numbers are kept up by Julie Orbaugh. Julie and Christi have pictures of each group for this event.

    Christi stated that the board should discuss how we run the Texas trash off in the future and to have this on the planning meeting in July.

  • Business of the Quarter -

    Business of the quarter is QT on Beach St and Birdi reports it went very good. Those present were as follows Birdi Blocker, Wayne Clowers, Lin Thompson, Ricky Brown, Christi Pruitt, Keith Lane, Rex Phelps

  • Clean Campus award -

    All Schools were judged and Birdville Elementary was voted as the winner of this award due to the detailed information presented to Christi. Awards will be given to Birdville Elementary on May 11th.

  • Budget-

    Christi passed out Expense report for KHCB for FY2018.

  • Upcoming events-

    KTB conference is June 11th thru the 13th. Rex emailed Christi to go ahead and take a board member also, and that the city will pay for the conference and pay for their hotel room. Christi and Birdi may go to this event to gather information and education.

    Mayors Cup is coming up and Christi is looking for donations for this event. July 14th will be the planning meeting. There will be a motion and vote for not having a meeting on the 16th of July in our May meeting. August the 18th will be back to school health fair at the Coliseum.

  • GCAA Results -

    Christi passed out a result spreadsheets for 2018 and the board did not place this year as we have in the past. Christi believes that it is because of new Judges and because we put it together on such short notice. This should also be put on the July planning meeting.

  • Recycled craft show-

Wayne said for us to do this along with the senior citizen center. Christi will talk to Bobbi about doing this with them. Wayne asked Christi to find out who he could go talk to about doing this.

Adjourned at 7:29 PM