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5024 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117

February 20, 2018 Beautification Board Minutes

Haltom City Beautification Board

Minutes – February 2, 2018

Call to order at 6:02pm by chair Denise Ford

  • Members present:

    Birdi Blocker Wayne Clowers Denise Ford Toni Holmes Bob Presley

    Christi Pruitt - Staff Liaison Guest present - Ricky Brown

  • Approval of minutes

    Birdi motioned with corrections and Toni second.

  • Volunteer hours

    Denise - 15

    Toni -20

    Birdi - 31

    Wayne - 2

    Bob - 57

  • Old business / reports

    Simple Recycling - Christi reported 2833 lbs for January 2017. A year-end report summary total the pounds diverted from our community’s waste stream in 2017 is 32,506. The number of households participating in 2017 is 10,284 and our Reginal participation ranking is 16 out of 20. Christi said she would ask them where to get more bags. Denise called and talked to Simple Recycling representative and she discussed the issues we are having with people taking the bags from the houses before Simple Recycling could retrieve them. The representative told Denise this is stealing from the city and should be reported and a police report should be made for theft of property. The representative said he would send Julie Orebaugh and or Christi Pruitt an email and help them learn how to advertise.

  • Business of the Quarter – We have suggested several places in our January meeting and voted at this meeting to go with Quick Trip on Beach St. (Toni motioned and Bob second). This will be for April, May and June business of the quarter.

  • Upcoming events – Carfest coming up on Saturday March 24. We will have two people working the board of beautification table with the wheel and educational information. Toni, Bob and Birdi will be there to work.

  • Texas Trash off – Saturday, April 7 is also the Buffs Give Back but not a lot of people show up for the Texas trash off so we will combine with them for totals. Christi suggested the High School students that show up for this event will be sent to do special projects. Christi also suggested that the beautification board bring in a paper shredding company in conjunction with the trash off. This would be an opportunity to educate on recycling and shredding. We would have to pay a company to do the shredding for us. This would be the same company that NEAT uses. Denise suggested we do the shredding and a tire recycle with the Crud Cruisers in November. The cost is 450 to 500 dollars for the truck. Christi said we can look at renting a shredder truck for Aprils Texas trash off and again in November with Crud Cruiser. We will have a paper shredder truck for the Texas Trash Off. Julie has already been considering the pricing and ordering if possible.

  • Photo contest- Annual Images of Haltom City photo contest the deadline is April 9th and photos will be displayed at the Library during the month of May. There has been an increase the amount of money for winners from 25 to 50.

  • GCAA – Christi stated the application was sent out on time and was very clean and well formatted. They filled in the best they could with missing info.

  • Art in the City – They have doubled the entry fee from 25 dollars to 50 dollars. There will be no crafters showing in this show. Christi is going to talk to management and let them know the board wants to disassociate with this group. They have been excluding certain people and charging 20 percent on sales. Christi thinks the changes that are going to take place within the city will take care of most of the problems the board is having with Art in the City.

  • Neighborhood garage sales- A specific garage sale for recycled crafts. Keep on

    for next month’s agenda.

  • Art for calendar- Another project for GCCA. Keep on for next month’s agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 7:26