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5024 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117

January 22, 2018 Beautification Board Minutes

Beautification Meeting January 22, 2018

Call to order at 6:05pm by chair Denise Ford

  • Members present:

    Birdi Blocker Wayne Clowers Denise Ford Toni Holmes Bob Presley

    Christi Pruitt - Staff Liaison

  • Approval of minutes

    Birdi motioned and Toni second.

  • Volunteer hours

    Denise - 35

    Toni -27

    Birdi - 29

    Wayne - 17

    Bob - 150

  • Old business / reports

    Simple Recycling - Christi reported for November 2017 a total of 3554 lbs and for December 2017, 1891lbs. The total since Simple Recycling has begun in 2016 is 68,293lbs. Christi said that the money from Simple Recycling is just sitting there and waiting for us to do something with it. Christi also wants someone from the board to contact Simple Recycling to discuss our new ideas with them. Denise volunteered to call and discuss with Simple Recycling all the boards ideas.

    Neighborhood decorating contest went well. Christi said she didn’t get any pictures from this year winners and wants to look at the dates to do judging sooner than the second week of December. Denise suggested adding a business to our list of winners.

  • Business of the Quarter – Birdi reports that it went very well. We had a nice crowd and even his wife was there for his award. Christi said it will be in the crossroads for February. The next Business of the Quarter Christi suggested Hi Line Tools on Broadway. We all also suggested Tool place, Taco bell, Tyson, Prosperity Bank, Fuel

    City, 7 eleven, Greif Brothers Trucking, Chicken Express on 121 and QT on beach St. Voting in February meeting for this.

  • February Meeting needs to be moved to Tuesday the 20th of February. Wayne made motion to move our meeting Toni seconds, and all in favor.

  • Upcoming events – The Board does not usually participate in the stampede. The car fest will be March 24th from 10-2 at Haltom High School. We will have a booth for giving freebies and litter education away. Make this an agenda item for next meeting for discussion on inventory and what we want to do. Denise stated we need to order more “Don’t Mess with Texas” items, also ordering more give away items. Christi said we have to pay for more of the DMWT. Christi also said that some of the DMWT and KTB items can only be ordered during certain times of the year.

  • Art in the city - The board of Beautification had adopted this group long ago as an umbrella under us so that all citizens in Haltom city could be in it. This is to be a recycled art and art show for all. The board can have this show in conjunction with the board events and have a recycle art and craft show. This is something to be discussed at our planning meeting in July.

  • GCAA – This is the big award we try to win every year. We try to win first place every year because if you win first place you are awarded a $2,000,000 grant that is used for landscaping. If you apply for an application on or before the deadline you get in good standing with KTB no matter what score you receive. You must score a 90% or above to get sustained excellence with GCAA. We as the Beautification board have received this every year. If you submit your application and win first, second or third place you get Gold star award and sustained excellence based off your presentation.

Christi suggested that the board members gather info for this report and award. Denise asked all board members to do one section and write in bullet point form, and to get this back to her or Christi by Friday 26 of January.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01