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January 7, 2019 Animal Advisory Committee Minutes

Monday, January 7 2019
4:00 p.m.
City Hall (Pre-Council Room) - 5024 Broadway Ave. | Haltom City, TX 76117



January 7, 2019



Bob Watkins called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m.



Members Present: Bob Watkins, Brenda Rotramble, Patty Lattin , Marian Hilliard

City Staff: Kevin Cleveland, Shawn Holt

Absent: Dr. William Anderson



Brenda moved, seconded by Patty, to approve the October 1, 2018 minutes as corrected. Motion passed. The correction concerned the fact that Patty completed Open Meetings training, not the volunteer package.


Financial Report

It appears that the donation fund balance includes some donations made through the Water Bill as the fund balance has increased to $60,143.00. Kevin and Shawn shared their thoughts on why the funds are not beDRAFT ing used for animal needs. Kevin indicated citizens donate many of the supplies that are needed. They are discussing the a way to use the funds but have not yet determined the best use. The committee stated they would like to see more expenses related to needs of the animals rather than just banking it. Shawn indicated an incinerator may be one item needed as that is not in the city budget. Another option might be using the funds for vet bills.

 Brenda and Patty will do a walk-thru of the shelter and see if they may have recommendations for items that would benefit the animals.


Volunteer Program Update

Only one volunteer has completed the new program. Anyone interested in volunteering can call the shelter for a package or get the information on-line. For efficient use of the extra help, three volunteers would be useful. They would assisting in bathing, walking, and playing with the animals.


Shelter Update

The shelter was supposed to bring animals available to adopt to the Christmas on Broadway event. However, there was a miscommunication on the date and the shelter did not participate in the event. The committee asked that the shelter put the dates on their calendar of the annual Car Fest and Christmas on Broadway events.


A citizen asked about options to leave stray animals at the shelter after hours. She sometimes encounters a stray animal in the evenings while she is walking her dog. The shelter is not open after hours and does not have facilities that allow the drop off of animals. Should a citizen encounter an aggressive animal, they should call the police department for a dispatch. If the animal is not aggressive, perhaps the citizen could house it overnight and call the next working day.


Future Meeting Dates

Planned meeting dates for 2019 are April 1, July 1, and October 7, 2019. Please pencil these dates in on your calendar to try to avoid conflicts. The dates can be changed should a necessary event conflict.


Visitor Forum

D’anne Carson, with Mid Cities Community Cats, spoke about the Trap- Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program. She shared that feral cats are good citizens and handy to have around to control pests and rodents. However, they are only effective if they are neutered or the colony will get out of hand. There was discussion that the city cannot release cats because releasing animals is against the ordinance. It is not feasible to neuter and release dogs into neighborhoods as both must be treated the same. As a result, neither one can legally be released by the Animal Control Shelter.


Absences: Brenda moved, seconded by Patty, to approve the absence of Doctor Anderson.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Brenda, seconded by Patty, passed at 4:58p.m. Respectfully submitted by Marian Hilliard, Secretary.


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