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Fire in Richland Hills

Updated - 02/25/21 at 5:15 p.m.
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There is currently a multi-alarm fire at Belton St. and Handley Ederville in Richland Hills. Please avoid the area.

Crews are still working to extinguish the fire and will likely continue to do so into the night. The heavy smoke is dissipating, but please be cautious if you're downwind of the area. If you are downwind please stay inside your home and ensure your windows and doors are closed.

TCEQ (Texas Commission on Env Quality) has been notified and they are conducting air quality tests.

Winter Storm Uri

Trash & Recycling
Updated - 02/25/21 at 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday routes will be completed by the end of the day (2/25) & Wednesday routes should be completed by tomorrow. Please note that residents will only get one (1) pick up this week.

Next week will be back to the 2x/week service. Thank you and we again apologize for the inconveniences.

For a full list of operational changes affected by COVID-19 see:


June/July 2020 Crossroads Newsletter

The digital version of the June/July 2020 Crossroads Newsletter is available for download and is linked above. It is also embedded below.

haltom city april may 2020 crossroads newsletter



While we have yet to see the full fiscal budgetary impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the city, we know there will be one. In response, city staff has been searching for ways to get ahead of and ease those effects. The bi-monthly city newsletter, Crossroads, has traditionally been printed and mailed out to residential households, at a significant cost. After consideration, city staff has decided the best way to proceed in the foreseeable future is to publish the Crossroads Newsletter digitally, making it available on the city website and social media platforms for download and viewing.

Benefits of this include:
We are no longer limited in the length of the newsletter, as longer newsletters meant increased charges for printing and mailing. This is not the case with digital versions.
Real-time updates and changes can be made in the digital newsletter if dates, times or information changes during its 2-month run.
Digital publications can be completed and made available to the public the same day, ensuring the most timely information is present in the newsletter. Printed versions, once completed, would not appear in mail boxes for another week.

We hope you understand that difficult decisions such as these are being made by businesses and local/state/federal governments across the country…all in response to the budgetary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Know that we will always prioritize citizen services, safety and quality of life when making these decisions.


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