Garage Sale Permit

Garage sale permits are issued based on regulations as defined in Ordinance O-2019-028-01. Permits must be obtained at City Hall, in the Planning and Permitting Department during business hours. Proof of residency...such as a driver's license, passport, State issued identification card, or water bill, is required. Proof of residency must be of the address where the garage sale is taking place.

For information please call 817-222-7730.


  • The sale of merchandise shall be restricted to permitted premises only.
  • No new merchandise acquired for resale shall be permitted.
  • The duration of each sale shall not exceed 3 consecutive calendar days.
  • No person shall hold or receive a permit for the same address more than 4 times per calendar year (January 1 through December 31).
  • The permit fee is $7

Sign Stipulations

  • Signs advertising a garage sale may only be posted in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 82 of the Code of Ordinances as follows:
  • Signs shall not exceed 2-1/2 square feet in the sign area and shall not exceed 2-1/2 feet in height and shall not be illuminated.
  • Signs may only be posted on the premises where the garage sale is being conducted and where there is an existing residential use.
  • Signs may be posted for not more than three days beginning on the day the garage sale begins.
  • Signs shall be removed at the close of garage sale activities or by 8 pm, whichever occurs first.
  • Signs shall not be posted on a utility pole, traffic signal, sign pole or any public right-of-way.
  • A person conducting a garage sale shall place the permit issued by the City on the front door of the dwelling at which the sale is to be conducted in a manner so that the permit is clearly visible from the street at all times while the garage sale is being conducted.

Rain Check Policy

Inclement weather or other acts of God that result in the cancellation of a scheduled sale shall not be counted against the frequency of sales permitted, provided the Applicant notified the City on the next regular working day after such cancellation. Permit fees shall not be refunded in the event of such cancellation.

View the Garage Sale Permit Application (PDF).