Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial Haltom Road Park

The award-winning Veterans Memorial, completed in 2017 at Haltom Road Park, includes an impressive 30-foot victory arch with the names of the fallen from Haltom City. A water feature includes a 6,000-pound solid granite globe, with etchings of the world that rotates. This fountain was made possible by donations from a local resident, Bonnie Richards and her family. Encircling the fountain are seven granite pedestals representing each branch of the military as well as the Haltom City Police and Fire Departments. Stone benches provide seating around the Memorial.

In 2020, the Walk of Freedom was added which includes engraved bricks of loved ones, military, public safety, and community leaders. Bricks may be purchased through the Parks and Recreation Department (include form here). Future plans include a parking lot, landscaping, and reflection gazebo. Donations to support future plans and ongoing maintenance can be made through your water bill. For any questions regarding the Memorial, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.

To say this project has exceeded expectations is an understatement. Haltom City is humbled to be able to have this unique Memorial in our City. We hope you will take an opportunity to come visit this amazing new landmark that will be a part of Haltom City history for decades to come.

A very special thank you to our Committee Members: Layla Caraway, Steven Chapman, Don LeMaster, Jeannine and Gary Nunn, Jimbo White, Bob Watkins, and William Schott. Without your passion, persistence, and vision, this would not have been possible.

Please note: This Memorial is unlike any feature in any of our parks and should be treated with respect and reverence. It is not a place to workout, play basketball, ride bicycles/skateboards/horses, or have a picnic. Please make sure to refrain from playing in and on the fountain and globe. We want to protect and preserve the Memorial and all that it stands for.