Solicitor & Vendor Permit Application

Haltom City requires that a legitimate vendor or salesman must complete a Solicitor and Vendor Permit Application (PDF). This application process helps to provide a safe and legitimate product or service to Haltom City citizens.

The issuance of the permit requires a $2,000 executed bond to insure the purchase and payment. Each vendor that has completed the application must then pass a background check and provide proof of their insurance. Once this has been accomplished, they will be issued a Vendor's Certificate, signed by the City Secretary, and stamped with the city seal. The certificate must be displayed or made readily available by the salesman at all times while soliciting. Approved vendors should be able to produce a copy of the Vendor's Certificate, if asked.

If a citizen should encounter a sales vendor who does not have a Vendor's Certificate available, or is aggressive in their sales pitch or manner, they should report them to the Police Department at 817-281-1000 immediately, with a physical description and the name of the product/company they are promoting.

Please be aware of the vendor sales restrictions to help insure a safe interaction.

Section 62-43. - Prohibiting Peddlers

Occupational Licenses & Regulations

  1. A person desiring that no peddler, merchant, or other person engage in home solicitation at that person's residence may exhibit in a conspicuous place on or near the main entrance to the residence a card or similar notice, not less than two inches by four inches in size, containing the legible words, "No Peddlers."
  2. If notice prohibiting peddling is exhibited on or near the main entrance to the residence, the peddler shall immediately refrain from going onto the premises or shall immediately depart from the premises without disturbing or attempting to attract the attention of the occupant, unless the visit is the result of a request made by the occupant.

View the Solicitor and Vendor Regulations Ordinance.