New Water Bill Cut-Off Dates

In preparation for changes coming to the Utility Billing Department (including our transition to Fathom Water Management) and in keeping in compliance with current City Ordinances, all accounts need to be paid in full with no past balances. Past due amounts can result in your service being disconnected. Payment options for residents can be seen here. Remember that this payment portal will change once FATHOM has set up their account system and assumes responsibility for account maintenance.

The following list will give you due dates and their related cut-off date:


Haltom City Utility Billing

If your due date is: Your cut-off date will be:
10/16/17 11/01/17
10/26/17 11/13/17
11/02/17 11/20/17
11/09/17 11/27/17
11/16/17 12/04/17
11/26/17 12/12/17
12/02/17 12/19/17
12/09/17 12/28/17
12/16/17 01/03/18
12/26/17 01/10/18

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