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Planning & Community Development

5024 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117

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Planning & Permit Coordinator 817-222-7753

Mar '18 Building Official's Bulletin


haltom city texas planning community development 750xInternational Codes: 2015 and NEC 2017

  • International Building Code 2015
  • International Residential Code 2015
  • International Mechanical Code 2015
  • International Plumbing Code 2015
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2015
  • National Electrical Code 2017

Building Application Requirements for Roof Replacement

The following items needs to be identified on the building application:

  1. Brand or year of shingles
  2. Type of felt being used
  3. Lumber sheathing a minimum thickness of 5/8”
  4. OSB or plywood sheathing (4X8) a minimum thickness 7/16” (equal 1/2”)

Q: Why do I need to supply the decking thickness on the application if I’m getting a decking inspection?
A: Decking should be check by contractor before submitting application. The decking inspection is to verify the thickness so you may proceed with the new felt and shingles. If thickness is not met then will have to contact insurance company to get approved.

Electrical FAQ

Q: What constitutes the change out of hard wire smoke detectors and new general contractorFI plugs?
A: Any items changed out

Mechanical FAQ

Q: Why does the Air Conditioning unit needs to be secure to the concrete pad?
A: IRC M1307.2

Q: Do you require Fresh Air? Duct Blast Pressure Test? Door Test?
A: May 1st will start requiring these inspections

Plan Submittal FAQ

Q: Why do I need a rescheck or Comcheck?
A: To verify structure meets 2015 IECC Code

Q: When do I need a Soil Analysis report?A: New Construction o
r Additions (any livable/occupiable area)

Flatwork (Concrete Driveways, Pads) FAQ

Q: Does flatwork need to be permitted?
A: No. Drive approaches will need to be permitted by Bonded ROW contractor.

Flag and Lights Poles

Q:Do I need permit flag poles?
A: No, Permit is not required

Q: Do I need permit for 4’ electrical pole in front yard?
A: Yes, permit is required

Accessory Building FAQ

Q: Do I need a permit for a 10X12 accessory building?
A: No, any building larger than 10X12 will require

Q: What classifies a detached garage?
A: Zoning Ordinance O-2002-032-15 Section 29, Paragraph D.4 The total floor area of the detached garage on one lot shall not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the floor area of the main building on the lot, except that this requirement shall not limit the floor area of an accessory building to less than 600 square feet.

Zoning Ordinance O-2002-032-15, Section 29, Paragraph D.5: A detached garage shall not occupy more than fifty percent (50%) of the rear yard.

Zoning Ordinance O-2002-032-15, Section 29, Paragraph D.6: A detached garage that exceeds 600 square feet must meet the masonry requirement of the primary structure.

Zoning Ordinance O-2002-032-15, Section 29, Paragraph D.6: A detached garage that exceeds 600 square feet must meet the masonry requirement of the primary structure.

Proper maneuvering surface (concrete or asphalt) must be provided from street to garage door opening. Proper maneuvering surface (concrete or asphalt) must be provided from street to garage door opening.

Permitting New and Existing Cell Tower

Q: Will zoning approval be required for these upgrades?
A: Yes, Special Exception through Zoning Board of Adjustment

Q: If zoning approval is required, how many and what size plans do you need for the zoning approval? Do we submit this with the building permit or is there a separate application and process for this?
A: Upload to Online Action Center

Q: Do you require a building permit for upgrades?
A: Yes

How do we file for the building permit (mail, email)?
A:Upload to Online Action Center

Q: How many and what size plans do you require?
A: 11" x 17"

Q: How long does the permit process take once everything is submitted?
A: 5 business days

Q: How long is the permit valid for?
A: 180 days

Q: Is there a plan review fee, if so what is the cost?
A: Yes, 65% of the building permit fee paid at the time of the project request.

Q: What is the cost of the building permit?
A: Based on value of project (see attached fee schedule)

Q: Where do we get the building permit application?
A: Online Action Center on dashboard on the right hand side once logged into MYGov.

Q: How can we pay for the fees (cash, check or credit card)?
A: Credit card the maximum $1,000

Q: How do we get the permit once approved (mail, email or pick up in person)?
A: Print from project on Online Action Center.

Q: Does the general contractor need to be registered with the City of Haltom City?
A: Yes, the contractor will need to register prior to the building application being submitted. General contractors can register online. Please upload the driver license and certificate of insurance with City of Haltom City with address as certificate holder when requesting registration.

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