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Newly planted trees, rose bushes and other foliage are being stolen along the newly constructed backage roads just north and south of IH 820 (east and west of Haltom Rd.). Haltom City officials have worked hard to construct new roadways to help spur new commercial development along the IH 820 corridor. As part of the project, street intersections and corners have been beautifully landscaped, only to have the newly planted trees and shrubs stolen over the last week (at night) on multiple occasions. If you have any information or have seen anything suspicious, please call the Haltom City Police department at 817-222-7071.

New Haltom City Water Accounts

New water accounts must be set up in person at the City Hall Municipal Complex, 5024 Broadway Ave.

New water accounts require the presentation of ALL of the following documents:

  • —valid TX driver's license
  • —Social Security card
  • —Lease agreement or settlement statement

for business accounts:

  • —Certificate of Occupancy
  • —Valid TX driver's license
  • —Tax Identification Card

Application to open a water account must be made at the Water Services counter, located in City Hall (mapped below).

A deposit of $75 for residential property owners and $150 for residential property renters is required. The entire deposit amount will be applied to your final bill once two consecutive years of payments have been made, all of them on time and within their respective scheduled due dates.

Deposits for businesses vary and will be set after initial consultation with staff. Call 817 222-7718 for information or come by City Hall.



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