Haltom City Bid Listings

The goal of the City of Haltom City’s Purchasing Policy is to ensure that all City Departments and functions receive maximum benefit from the expenditure of City funds and that vendors will make a reasonable profit in providing goods and services to the City. Success in this effort will be best achieved with the mutual cooperation of each City department, the Purchasing Agent and vendors.

Below is a list of current bid listings.

Bid# B2014-311-010 - Miscellaneous Concrete Improvements

The City of Haltom City, TX, will receive sealed bids for an annual contract with option for an additional one-year period to provide miscellaneous concrete repairs and replacements including curbs and gutters, pavements, driveway approaches, and sidewalks, as needed and requested by its Public Works Street Division. Award will be made for primary and secondary contractors. Payment and Performance Bonds will be required for this bid.

Notice to Bidders Statement

Specifications & Bid Documents


Haltom City Standard Terms & Conditions

Addendum #1

Bid opening has been postponed - original opening on September 12, 2014

See detailed addendum here.

New bid opening to be held on September 19, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.

Addendum #2

This addendum modifies, extends and forms a part of the contract described/linked above.

Request for Proposal - #B2014-431-009 Construction Manager at Risk

It is the intent of the City of Haltom City, Texas to select, via a Request for Construction Management at Risk Proposal process, a Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) for 2014 Park Improvements – Little Fossil Creek Linear Park, Little Fossil Park, Haltom Road Park, and Whites Branch Park Projects in Haltom City , Texas.

The selection will be determined solely by the City of Haltom City, Texas. The selection process will be a one-step process. Services will be in two basic phases. Pre-construction services, such as: “value engineering” during the design process and budgeting/cost estimating services, will be included in Phase One. Bidding and construction will be in Phase Two and include the bidding of the various aspects of the project phases and the management of the construction process.

Proposals are to include the information requested, in the sequence and format prescribed. In addition to and separate from the requested information, submitting organizations may provide supplementary materials further describing their capabilities and experience.

Please download, review and complete the PDF document below. Bids are due August 28th, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

Request for Proposal - #B2014-431-009 Construction Manager at Risk

Request for Proposal - #B2014-041-007 for Utility Bill Printing & Mailing Services

The City of Haltom City, TX is soliciting sealed proposals from qualified vendors for services to print and mail the monthly utility bill which is sent out in four cycles per month. This contract is intended for routine and continuous usage and will be awarded for a one-year period, from date of award, with option for renewal as specified in the proposal package.

Please review all of the linked PDF documents below:

Request for Proposal RFP #B2014-041-007 - Utility Bill Printing & Mailing Service
Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
Terms & Conditions
Sample Water Bill
2011 Printing/Mailing Bid Tabulation

For further questions please contact Haltom City's Purchasing Agent, Betty Kurecka, at 817-222-7761. You can also contact the Purchasing Agent by filling out this online contact form.

Unofficial Bid Tab - posted August 27th, 2014