Haltom City Bid Listings

The goal of the City of Haltom City’s Purchasing Policy is to ensure that all City Departments and functions receive maximum benefit from the expenditure of City funds and that vendors will make a reasonable profit in providing goods and services to the City. Success in this effort will be best achieved with the mutual cooperation of each City department, the Purchasing Agent and vendors.

Below is a list of current bid listings.

Request for Informal Bid - Public Works/Parks Uniforms

The City of Haltom City is soliciting informal written bids to award purchase of winter-work uniforms for the City’s Public Works Employees. There are approximately 60employees and each has a clothing allowance of a “not-to-exceed” amount of$150.00. The successful Bidder shall agree to deliver to the City, the quantity, style,and size of uniform requested whenever ordered during the year.

Award of this bid will be based on the highest percentage discount a vendor is willing to provide from an entity indicated below. As such, this bid may be awarded to more than one vendor. The Public Works Department intends to order clothing from the following entities:

  • Broder Brothers Catalogue
  • Dickies Catalogue
  • Sanmar Catalogue
  • Wrangler Website (www.wrangler.com)

Written quotations may be faxed to the Purchasing Agent at 817-834-7237 or emailed to no later than end of business, Thursday, November 20th, 2014.

A PDF with informal bid details can be downloaded here.

A PDF with Haltom City's Standard Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.



Please be advised that an addendum has been issued for our informal Request for Bids for uniforms for our Public Works employees regarding the City logo that we are requiring per the attached. The due date for the responses is remaining the same: end of business, Thursday, November 20th. If you have already submitted your response, please revise if necessary and resend. Also please send an e-mail response that you have received this addendum or note the same on your faxed response.