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Newly planted trees, rose bushes and other foliage are being stolen along the newly constructed backage roads just north and south of IH 820 (east and west of Haltom Rd.). Haltom City officials have worked hard to construct new roadways to help spur new commercial development along the IH 820 corridor. As part of the project, street intersections and corners have been beautifully landscaped, only to have the newly planted trees and shrubs stolen over the last week (at night) on multiple occasions. If you have any information or have seen anything suspicious, please call the Haltom City Police department at 817-222-7071.

Haltom City Council Meetings

The Haltom City City Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, excluding holidays and/or special circumstances. The council work session begins at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers and the Regular Meeting is at 7:00 p.m., also in the Council Chambers. Agendas are posted at least 72 hours before the scheduled meeting at the City Hall Municipal Complex (5024 Broadway Ave.) and here on the web. Minutes are posted, once approved by the city council, usually after the subsequent council meeting.

Agendas/minutes from meetings prior to January, 2014 can be obtained through an open records request.

If you have any questions please contact the City Secretary's office at 817-222-7749.

City Council Agendas/Minutes

ag08/05/15 - min08/05/15 (Budget Workshop)

ag07/27/15 - min07/27/15

ag07/13/15 - min07/13/15

ag07/06/15 - min07/06/15 (Worksession)

ag06/27/15 - min06/27/15 (Worksession)

ag06/22/15 - min06/22/15

ag06/18/15 - min06/18/15 (Worksession)

ag06/08/15 - min06/08/15

ag05/26/15 - min05/26/15

ag05/21/15 - min05/21/15 (Worksession)

ag05/18/15 - min05/18/15

ag05/11/15 - min05/11/15

ag04/27/15 - min04/27/15

ag04/16/15 - min04/16/15 (Worksession)

ag04/13/15 - min04/13/15

03/31/15 (Public Notice of possible quorum)

03/30/15 (Public Notice of possible quorum)

ag03/23/15 - min03/23/15 (w/ EDC)

ag03/09/15 - min03/09/15

ag03/03/15 - min03/03/15 (w/ Parks & Rec Bd)

ag02/26/15 - min02/26/15

ag02/23/15 - Cancelled

ag02/12/15 - min02/12/15 (Strategic Planning)

ag02/09/15 - min02/09/15

ag02/05/15 - min02/05/15 (Strategic Planning)

ag01/26/15 - min01/26/15

ag01/12/15 - min01/12/15

ag12/22/14 - min12/22/14

ag12/08/14 - min12/08/14

ag11/24/14 - min11/24/14

ag11/10/14 - min11/10/14

ag11/03/14 - min11/03/14

ag10/27/14 - min10/27/14

ag10/13/14 - min10/13/14

ag09/22/14 - min09/22/14

ag09/16/14 - min09/16/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag09/09/14 - min09/09/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag09/08/14 - min09/08/14

ag09/04/14 - min09/04/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag08/28/14 - min08/28/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag08/26/14 - min08/26/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag08/25/14 - min08/25/14

ag08/19/14 - min08/19/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag08/14/14 - min08/14/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag08/12/14 - min08/12/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag08/11/14 - min08/11/14

ag08/02/14 - min08/02/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag07/31/14 - min07/31/14 (Budget Workshop)

ag07/28/14 - min07/28/14

ag07/14/14 - min07/14/14

ag07/10/14 - min07/10/14

ag07/08/14 - min07/08/14

ag06/30/14 - min06/30/14

ag06/23/14 - min06/23/14

ag06/09/14 - min06/09/14

ag05/19/14 - min05/19/14

ag05/12/14 - min05/12/14

ag04/28/14 - min04/28/14

ag04/21/14 - min04/21/14

ag04/14/14 - min04/14/14

ag03/24/14 - min03/24/14

ag03/10/14 - min03/10/14

ag02/27/14 - min02/27/14

ag02/24/14 - min02/24/14

ag02/20/14 - min02/20/14

ag02/10/14 - min02/10/14

ag01/27/14 - min01/27/14

ag01/13/14 - min01/13/14