Haltom City Television (HCTV)

NOTE: On or shortly after March 18th, 2014, HCTV (Haltom City Television) will change from channel 27 to channel 190 on the Charter Cable guide.

HCTV, Cable Channel 27, serves the residents of Haltom City in many ways. Its main purpose is to provide valuable information to City residents on a continual basis. This is accomplished one of two ways...via programming and bulletins that are all cablecast on HCTV, Cable Channel 27.

Most any special event, program or official municipal government function that the City sponsors will be advertised on Cable Channel 27. Often times such events will also be taped and cablecast on HCTV for residents to see.

Examples of such programming include City Council Meetings, the annual Springfest, guest speakers at the library & Senior Center, the annual HCPD Awards Ceremony, the annual Images of Haltom City Photo Contest and guest appearances for the Summer Reading Program at the HCPL.

Some programming is rebroadcast at specific times throughout the week. Such programs include City Council Meetings, NE Chamber Luncheons, Tarrant County Commissioner's Court and Army Newswatch. Other times, depending on the level of activities going on in the City, programs will be interspersed throughout the week. For a list of programming, click here. While this schedule does not list ALL programming, it does list the programming that is certain to be cablecast through the course of a week.

As previously mentioned, to receive HCTV your dwelling must have a subscription to Charter Cable Services. If you don't have Charter Cable, all original programming can be seen online.

If you are not a subscriber you may still be able to view HCTV:
If you are not a subscriber to Charter Cable but you have the actual cable in your wall that provides the cable signal then you may still be able to receive HCTV. Simply connect the coax cable directly into your television/VCR. If you have a "cable-ready" TV or VCR you should be able to receive most cable channels up to 100. If this does not work, then you will have to subscribe to Charter Communications in order to receive HCTV, Cable Channel 27.