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Utility Billing

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Haltom City Utility Billing FAQs

If you don't find an answer to your question below please call Haltom City Utility Billing at 817-222-7717. A billing calculation sheet can be downloaded here.

The due date on my water bill doesn't coincide with my pay periods. Can I change my due date?

Because the physical location of your home or business within the city limits determines when your meter is read and when your account is billed, we are unable to change your due date. The due date is always 15 days from your billing date. We make every effort to mail your water bill approximately the same week of every month, however, weather and staffing conditions will make the billing date variable.

My water was cut off and when it was turned back on I was told someone had to be at the location. You turned it off without someone being there...why can't you turn it back on without someone being there?

This policy is in effect to ensure that the City's liability is not compromised. If someone at the house had turned on a faucet without the water being on, and we turned the water on without someone there, the house could potentially sustain water damage because of an overflow. Our policy is to unlock the meter and leave you a door hanger telling you the meter has been unlocked but not turned on. You can then turn it on yourself. If you are unable to get the water on, you can call our office 817-222-7717 and we will make a second trip to turn on your water. A second trip charge is $15.00. If it is after hours, you can call the non-emergency Police number at 817-281-1000. Provided the meter is not locked, they will dispatch someone to turn on the water. An after hours charge is $25.00. Fees are added to your next water bill.

My bill has a Stormwater Fee on it. What is that?

The City Council enacted the Stormwater Utility fee in October 2004 and it went into effect November 2004. The collected fee funds improvements, maintenance and operations of the stormwater system. These improvements include design and construction of drainage capital improvement projects across the City. The maintenance and operations portion of the fee includes cleaning the existing system, ditches and creeks across the City. Residents are charged a flat fee and all other developed property owners are charged a fee based on the amount of impervious area on their property. Impervious area includes the building, pavement and all other non-landscaped areas. Non-developed properties are not charged the stormwater fee. The fee is charged to all residents, business owners, churches and schools and there are no exemptions to this fee.

I received a "Final Notice Before Cutoff" letter but the due date on my water bill shows I'm not due yet. Why did I get this notice?

The due date on your water bill is for current charges only. If your bill shows a PREVIOUS BALANCE and the payment received amount is less than the previous balance or if the bill does not reflect any payment received, the account is past due upon receipt of that water bill. Any past due amounts should be paid immediately upon receipt of the bill to avoid cut off and additional charges. The Final Notice letter is mailed out as a courtesy to our customers who may have overlooked payment on their water bill.

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