5024 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117

Haltom City Economic Development Corporation

haltom city economic development corporation 2016The purpose of the Economic Development Corporation is to benefit and accomplish promotion of industrial and manufacturing enterprises, to promote and encourage employment, and preserve the public welfare of Haltom City. The corporation may issue bonds on behalf of the city for the financing, development, and operation of projects as defined in the Act.

Appointments are made by the City Council, and at least three members must not be employees or officers of the City or members of the City Council. Meets on the third Thursday of each month.

For agendas/minutes prior to January, 2016 please fill out and submit an open records request.

For more information please call 817-222-7733.

EDC Agendas/Minutes

November 16, 2017
PDF Agenda - Minutes
HTML Agenda - Minutes

October 19, 2017
PDF Agenda - Minutes
HTML Agenda - Minutes

October 10, 2017 Joint Meeting with City Council
PDF Agenda - Minutes
HTML Agenda - Minutes

September 28, 2017
PDF Agenda - Minutes
HTML Agenda - Minutes

August 17, 2017
PDF Agenda - Minutes
HTML Agenda - Minutes

ag07/20/17 - min07/20/17

ag06/22/17 - min06/22/17

ag06/15/17 - min06/15/17

ag05/18/17 - min05/18/17

ag04/20/17 - min04/20/17

ag04/13/17 - min04/13/17

ag03/16/17 - min03/16/17

ag03/02/17 - min03/02/17

ag02/16/17 - min02/16/17

ag12/15/16 - min12/15/16

ag11/17/16 - min11/17/16

ag10/20/16 - min10/20/16

ag10/06/16 - min10/06/16

ag09/29/16 - cancelled

ag09/15/16 - min09/15/16

ag09/01/16 - min09/01/16

ag08/24/16 - min08/24/16

ag07/21/16 - min07/21/16

ag07/14/16 - cancelled

ag06/23/16 - min06/23/16

ag06/16/16 - min06/16/16

ag06/02/16 - min06/02/16

ag05/19/16 - min05/19/16

ag04/21/16 - min04/21/16

ag03/24/16 - min03/24/16 (Special Mtg.)

ag03/17/16 - min03/17/16

ag02/18/16 (addendum)- min02/18/16

ag01/21/16 - min01/21/16

EDC Members

Ricky Brown - President
Gary Blocker - Vice-President
David Averitt
Wesley Hart
Bob Watkins
Trae Fowler
Don Jury