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Divisions of the Haltom City Fire/Rescue Department

The Haltom City Fire/Rescue Department is comprised of four divisions.


Haltom City Fire Administration

Containing the office of the Fire Chief, the division of Fire Administration directs the administrative and operational activities of Fire/Rescue, encompassing the coordination of agreements, budgeting, policy and program development, data collection and analysis, resource management and public information.

Haltom City Fire/Rescue Fire Chief Steve Ross

Fire Chief

Fire Chief Steve Ross was hired to the position in October 2011.

Ross had been with the Amarillo Fire Department for 33 years, serving the last 14 as fire chief. Ross obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration from Western Illinois University and a Master’s degree from the University of Washington. He has earned accreditation as a Chief Fire Officer and a Certified Public Manager, as well as many other accreditations.








west amy

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Amy West has been with Haltom City since 1979 where she began as the Secretary to the Building Official. She was made the Secretary to the Fire Chief in 1982 when the Building Inspection office was placed under the direction of the Fire Chief. Amy grew up in Haltom City graduating from Haltom High. She and her husband Keith live in Haltom City and have a daughter.

Haltom City Emergency Management

Haltom City Fire/Rescue Emergency Management Corrdinator Perry Bynum

Emergency Management Coordinator

The Division of Emergency Management is responsible for the warning system that notifies residents of impending dangerous situations that may endanger city residents and property.

Emergency Management Coordinator Perry Bynum as been with Haltom Fire Rescue since 1989. He started his career with Haltom City as a firefighter and now serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator. Perry serves on the City Council in his hometown of Euless. He and his wife Lisa have two children.

Haltom City Fire Services

Fire Services is comprised of a Deputy Chief who serves as Fire Marshal as well as a Fire Lieutenant who serves as Assistant Fire Marshal.

Fire Services is supported by the Fire Operations Division, which conducts commercial inspections, multi-family inspections and public education programs. Fire Services performs new occupancy and follow-up inspections that focus on code compliance and enforcement. Fire Services conducts plan reviews for site development, building construction and fire-safety/suppression equipment within facilities. Fire Services coordinates all fire and arson investigations as well as activities and training with police and fire dispatch, R.A.C.E.S. volunteers and the Juvenile Firesetter Program. Each element of Fire Services is interrelated and focused being on prevention of injury and loss of life or property of Haltom City citizens and visitors.

Haltom City Fire Supression

Headed by the Deputy Chief, the Fire Suppression Division is responsible for providing emergency responses for fire, rescue, emergency medical services, hazardous material containment and explosives.

Additional activities include training personnel to meet state standards and provide high proficiency. The division performs annual multi-family housing and commercial building inspections to eliminate fire hazards. It also provides fire prevention education programs to Haltom City schools and daycare centers and performs hydrant testing, pre-fire planning and fire investigations and maintains apparatus, equipment and stations.

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