5024 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117

IH 820 Retail Development Opportunities

Haltom City has opportunities for commercial growth along the IH 820 corridor with outstanding accessibility and visibility. The completion of expanded lanes in conjunction with new frontage roads, backage roads and exit ramps make this area prime for development.

With over 300 acres available for new development, Haltom City is offering incentives and development assistance grants to maximize economic potential to attract quality tenants whom wish to take full advantage of the property and its unique attributes.

Foreign Trade Zones, Enterprise Zones and Triple Freeport are examples of other incentives that are also available.

For more information please contact the Economic Development Department by filling out this contact form (Assistant City Manager Rex Phelps) or by calling 817-222-7733.


Haltom City Zoing Map

Download PDF file of Haltom City's zoning map.

Maps are produced out of the GIS division of the Haltom City Information Technology Department.

Business Incentives

The Economic Development Corporation has a variety of resources available to prospective businesses who are looking for a place in Haltom City to call home. Please contact Assistant City Manager Rex Phelps at 817 222-7733 if you have any questions.

Haltom City Tax Abatement

The Haltom City Tax Abatement Program exempts the value of improvements up to 10 years on the construction of a new facility or for real expansion/modernization of an existing facility. The investment must be $2.5 million and create and sustain 10 new full-time jobs.

Economic Development Assistance Grant

The City of Haltom City is committed to the promotion of high quality development in all parts of the City and to an ongoing improvement in the quality of life for its citizens. Because these objectives are generally served by the enhancement and expansion of the local economy, the Haltom City Economic Development Corporation (the “Corporation”) will, on a case-by-case basis, give consideration to providing incentives to stimulate economic development in the City. Nothing herein shall imply or suggest that the Corporation is under any obligation to provide Economic Development Assistance Grants to any applicant. All applicants shall be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the decision to approve or deny assistance grants shall be at the sole discretion of the Economic Development Corporation.

Download a detailed explanation of this program along with an application here.

Property Enhancement Incentive Policy

The Property Enhancement Incentive Policy (PEIP) offers a 50% matching grant up to $10,000 for improvements to commercially zoned properties. The PEIP has varying participation limits on the type of enhancement. Improvements eligible for grant monies include façade enhancements, interior renovation, landscaping, lighting, parking/driveways, pedestrian amenities, signage, utilities and code compliance.

The policy and application can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Foreign-Trade Zones

U.S. foreign-trade zones (FTZs or Zones) are the domestic equivalents of what are internationally known as ‘free-trade zones.’ They are usually located in areas with geographic trade advantages, such as major seaports, international airports, and national frontiers. Within FTZs, company goods can be unloaded, manufactured, reassembled, tested, sampled, processed, repackaged, and re-exported without the intervention of U.S. customs authorities. Only when goods are moved outside a Zone do they become subject to U.S. customs duties. Zone status may also make sites eligible for state and local tax benefits. A Foreign Trade Zone is located in Haltom City on property owned by Mercantile off of Beach Street.

For more information download this PDF file.

State of Texas Enterprise Zone Program

Designated projects are eligible to apply for state sales and use tax refunds on qualified expenditures. The level and amount of refund is related to the capital investment and jobs created or retained at the qualified business site. The program is administered through the Texas Comptroller. For more information visit this link.

Tax Rate

Haltom City's municipal ad valorem tax rate is $.69999 per $100 valuation.

Triple Freeport Exemption

A freeport exemption is a property tax exemption. Freeport property includes various types of property that are detained in Texas for a short period of time (175 days or less) to be transported out of Texas. The county, city and school district participate. This is administered by the Tarrant Appraisal District.

Tax Increment Finance Districts

To encourage new development on vacant land along the IH 820 Corridor, Tax Increment Finance Districts have been created. For more information please contact the Economic Development Department at 817-222-7733 or via email.

Nominate a Business

The objective of the Business of the Quarter Program is to publicly recognize those businesses that exemplify great customer service and contribute to the quality of life in Haltom City.

Download PDF file of "Business of the Quarter" nomination form.

Map WIth Points of Interest

A detailed map of Haltom City streets and structures is available by downloading this PDF file of Haltom City's points of interest.

Maps are produced out of the GIS division of the Haltom City Information Technology Department.

Commercial Property Search

Searching for available commercial properties in Haltom City, Texas? Please contact Susan White, Business Development Coordinator for Haltom City Economic Development.

Articles of Incorporation

The Economic Development Corporation's Articles of Incorporation were passed and established in 1995 by the council holding office at that time.

Download PDF file of EDC Articles of Incorporation.

Haltom City Demographics

Download PDF file of 2014 Haltom City Demographics.

Belknap Revitalization

The Envision Belknap Revitalization Plan was adopted by the City Council and the City's Economic Development Corporation in March of 2007. This plan was put together by an expert team of consultants (Kimberly-Horn and Associates and Townscapes, Inc.), citizens and business stakeholders through an inclusive public participation plan.

The Primary Comprehensive Land Use Strategy of Envision Belknap was to develop an overlay ordinance to further legally preserve the ideals and visions described in the plan for the Belknap Corridor. In April of 2007, City Planning Staff and the City's Planning and Zoning Commission began investigating other cities using overlay ordinances as a redevelopment tool aimed at spurring an increase in development for the older commercial Belknap Corridor.

As with the Envision Belknap Plan, the City hired a professional consultant Mr. Dennis Wilson of Townscapes, Inc. to help the City Staff and the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission to develop the Zoning Overlay District Standards for the Belknap Corridor. Mr. Wilson prepared a draft document and several public presentations explained the concept of a form based zoning overlay district. During these presentations input was taken from potentially affected business and property owners, residents, tenants and other stakeholders within the corridor. A final draft of the Belknap Corridor Zoning Overlay District Standards was adopted by the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission on April 22, 2008.

A zoning overlay district using form-based codes is a land use pattern that allows a variety of housing types to exist among neighborhood-serving commercial and institutional uses and employment opportunities. Form based overlay zoning encourages the development of compact, pedestrian scaled neighborhoods and commercial centers intermingled with one another.  Form Based Overlay Zoning recognizes the market demand for new residential and commercial development within compact, pedestrian friendly districts. These code standards work in conjunction with proactive development of pocket parks, plazas and the creation of public spaces to create a small town main street environment along the Belknap Corridor.

Download PDF file of Envision Belknap study.

The status of existing residences, businesses, uses and all buildings will not change. Existing businesses, uses, and buildings would all be allowed to continue indefinitely provided that they are not expanded, reconstructed, or otherwise modified from their current footprint. No time limit or expiration of this non-conforming status is proposed in this overlay district.

Haltom City Community Profile

Haltom City has a distinctive profile that attracts a wide variety of businesses, while a respected school district, affordable housing and safe communities attract families from all over Tarrant County.

Download the PDF file of the Haltom City 2015 Community Profile.


"Shop Haltom City" Business Guide

Why is it important to shop Haltom City? When you shop Haltom City, you help to maintain our community’s quality of life. Local merchants benefit from increased sales allowing them to keep their investment in our community. In addition, a small percentage of every sales tax dollar helps to pave our streets, pay for public safety programs, and fund library and parks and recreation programs.

View PDF version of the "Shop Haltom City Business Guide".